Hey Fam,

I hope yall have invested in some silver, whatever amount. It's going to blast off in price. Hard to say when, could be days, weeks or months, but it's certainly going to happen.

Another idea to alchemize this financial situation should silver not be as feasible of an option to purchase, is AMC stock. I'm not going to get into too much detail in explaining why, but a quick summary is this was a company that wall street was trying to short squeeze, which is an illegal practice where they essentially borrow shares of a company that they believe is going to fail. And then when the company fails, they make incredible amounts of money they don't have to pay back. To counter this, people are coming together to buy AMC stock so price doesn't go down and this scam is exposed. See this post for a simplified explanation ("ape" is a term used for anyone buying stock, exposing the short squeeze scam).


If the price goes above what wall street borrowed the shares at, they are forced to repay at whatever price it gets to. Essentially exposing the entire wall street scam, a modern day flipping the tables of the money changers. Once people buy the stock, the idea is to hold it to drive price higher and higher. The price is hovering around $30 right now and there's discussion of holding until it gets to well $1k, 10k, 100k or even 500k in price. No one knows how high we can get it to. I bought in at around $13/ share a week ago and have already doubled my investment, but I plan on holding on until we hit those highs.

This is a great telegram channel to follow on the matter:


And a great youtube channel:


Just want to reiterate that silver is a much safer option. With silver you can just get it and forget about it. But this AMC stock is a fun one to look into and serves a similar purpose of exposing the debt based financial slavery system so that we can bring in a better system. And the AMC could have even higher gains than silver, at least in the short term.

I'm going to start compiling interesting telegram posts in the financial space on a new channel. Feel free to give a follow if interested.