*Update* We had some scheduling issues and are going to need to push back the show at least a couple days. Jon is in Thailand - a 12 hour difference, so it can make coordinating more of a challenge. I've gone ahead and shifted the youtube schedule to a new date/time, but I need to confirm with Jon and will be sending a finalized post when confirmed. But! This is a great thing as it will give more time for people to submit eye photos :)

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul... and they also give a powerfully comprehensive look into our physical health. This practice is known as iridology and truly is one of the most remarkable ways we can see what areas of our body might need some extra attention to rebalance. With that, I'm very excited to announce a new series "Eye See Clearly" where I'll be joined by certified iridologist and detox specialist Jon Stearns AKA "The Mangotarian" as he shares his abundant wisdom from gained experience in helping people come back to health. Each show, we'll take submitted eye photos from the community and go over them LIVE. This will be a fantastic way to learn about the wonders of iridology and get a taste of what it can uncover.

Would you like to have your eyes looked at on the show? If so, please review and perform the following:

-Only submit photos if you are comfortable with your health being discussed on a public video

-Watch this video on how to take eye photos: https://youtu.be/RCWpUMjaWmo

-Clearly label which are the right and left eye photos

-Only labeled, clear and high quality pictures please. Pictures that are not labeled, too small, out of focus, or with too much reflection, light glare or shadows will not be considered

-In an email, specify what name you'd like to be referred to on the show (first name/youtube username/etc.) and if you are male or female. attach photos and send to [email protected]

-Priority on the show will be given to those who are able to be in the live chat so that we can share a dialogue as Jon goes through your pictures, but we will still go through other submitted pictures, time permitting.

The show will be LIVE on Tuesday, October 5th at 9PM CDT. Please check the YouTube link below for your local start time.


Jon has found his passion in helping guide people in their healing journey and he selflessly gives his time and effort to share this wealth of knowledge that he has gained. If you feel compelled to support him, please consider getting an in depth iridology report or consultation with Jon by reaching out to him at [email protected]. Or even a simple donation to say thanks for any value gained from the knowledge shared :)