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Hi guys 👋, Instok dev team here! Thanks for visiting our coffee page.

We are college students from UT who built the website ( because of all of the crowded stores and panic we saw on the news. Hopefully, with the site, we can reduce the stress and promote social distancing by helping guide people towards specific stores that likely have what they are looking for instead of randomly going to many and contributing to store traffic.

If you find the site helpful in guiding you in the right directions on which stores to check out, please consider buying us a coffee to support our work :). It would mean a lot to us!

Bitcoin address - 1PpMJsGsB2e1VP6PUg6hoJCDtsQuZi8kXq

Karen L
Karen L bought a coffee.

Great website! I hope you can get more stores onboard soon :)

Jill Carrigan
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Thank you! This is amazing!

Someone bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for all you do!!!

Someone bought 3 coffees.
Liz bought a coffee.

Thank you for this! What a helpful and useful idea. Appreciate you all!