Hi, my name is Kassondra and I'm a former social worker turned entrepreneur. What started as a small passion project bridging the gap in information for parents has bloomed into a full-blown career change!

How It Started

In 2021, I learned that my toddler son has a rare genetic mutation; KIF1A- Associated Neurological Disorder. While it absolutely shattered me, I was even more disturbed to find a lack of easy-to-navigate information for parents who are caring for a child with a chronic/rare disease.

No one is talking about the trauma experienced by and wellbeing of us caregivers.

Where It Has Gone

So, in 21 days, I launched The Striped Stable- a full website devoted to providing clear information and support for parents like me. It started with a few blog posts, but I dream every day of newsletters, ebooks, graphics, podcasts, meditations, and more!

If You've Gotten This Far

Thank you! I'm told I can be long winded so here's the bottom line- I would LOVE to launch this without the need for investors but alas, that's not a reality right now. By donating to my Buy Me A Coffee page, you're pumping fuel right into the tank and enhancing my ability to reach the caregivers of the 25-30 million Americans living with a rare disease.

Donate. Share. And lets do this, together.