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KOMMON is a volunteer-run organization, which means that no on staff is being paid for their hard work. We do this not for a paycheck, but rather to help educate people about Korean politics, history, and culture. And we do all of this without resorting to clickbait, unverified gossip, fake news, or obnoxious advertisements.

But while the KOMMON newsletter will always be free to read, it is unfortunately not free to produce. It costs money to host our website, pay for our domain name, and to use newsletter distribution services. Therefore, we are humbly asking for our awesome readers to donate to keep KOMMON up and running.

This year, we are looking to raise ₩800,000. This money would help us not just to pay for 2021 expenses but also to cover 2022 as well. In the interest of transparency, here is what your donation would be paying for.

In United States dollars, our website host annual subscription rate is $150.00, our website mailbox monthly subscription rate is $6.50 and our newsletter-distribution service rate is $8.86. This makes for total annual expenses of $334.32 or about ₩384,468.

This means that the estimated combined operating expenses for 2021 and 2022 will be approximately ₩768,936. The remaining ₩31,064 will be used as a “rainy day fund,” to help prepare KOMMON against unexpected expenses.

With the wide proliferation of the internet, the world has been faced with a deluge of “fake news.” (Which we discussed in last week’s newsletter!) We would like to think that KOMMON plays a role, no matter how small, in pushing back against misinformation and spreading knowledge. We hope that you will consider making a donation to help us reach our goals of producing high-quality content and growing our readership.



NOTICE: Due to technical reasons, we are unable to accept donations submitted through a Korean credit card or Korean Paypal account. Please try with the card issued outside of Korea. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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