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Welcome to my page!

I host the podcast "Job Sharing and Beyond" to raise awareness about flexible work. Making it more available worldwide will lead to more gender equality faster. My guests who are experts, business leaders, practitioners and academics have been from 12 different countries so far.

My particular focus is on job sharing, 4 day work week, 5 hour days, part time careers, asynchronous work, remote and hybrid work.

I strongly believe that we need more male role models, especially more male business leaders that work flexible and do more unpaid care work. This is why I talk with dad advocates.

More flexible work will reduce barriers to re-entry for professionals who have been outside the paid workforce. It also may reduce the number of people who have to opt-out of the business world due to care work responsibilities (and in the pandemic times homeschooling on top of it). 

Last but certainly not least, transferable business skills from unpaid care work are still undervalued. I speak with experts who teach companies about these skills and make the returning professionals realize how they have upskilled their soft/ human skills during that time of practical leadership training. 

If you would like to check out details of my currently 40 guest episodes, here is the link

What else do I do:

💡I speak about these topics to raise more awareness. The latest event will be at the SHRM Better Workplaces Challenge Cup.

💡I get invited as a podcast host for a variety of podcasts

💡I am a mentor a variety of organizations to raise more awareness about flexible work

💡I collaborate with international partners interested in the field of flexible work such as Association PTO/ in Switzerland, co-founded by job sharing expert Irenka Krone. 

My dream for the future: 

 🎯 To speak at the UN about the importance of flexible work like job sharing for *everyone* and how we need more male role models in that area so that we can get to gender equality faster.

🙏 I very much appreciate your support to continue my podcast and to change opinions and raise awareness! 

If you are aware of someone who could be a good podcast guest or would like me to be a podcast guest for your show or present at your event/ organization, please contact me at [email protected]