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Hey :)

Just set up this page! You can google my first novel, King Of Rabbits, which is out in March. It's realism. It's completely different to my second novel, Black Moth, which is about an embalmer whose father dies and she's finding it hard to let him go... (My dad died last year, so yes, it was cathartic - that shit can really f*ck you up.)

It's a world of surrealism, decadence, and decay. It's bizarre because the strangeness of grief is. 

It's literally an easy read, but it's not an EASY read, you know? In a world and time where we (Westernised society) are so scared to talk about death and grief, it's time to start changing the dialogue. That's what the arts are for, right?

I'm working on the second half which needs developing. I'd be very grateful for any oat milk latte funds while I'm re-drafting!

The painting on my cover picture was done by the brilliant artist, Tom Bell.