Nowadays modern construction conditions dictate more strict requirements for the timing and cost of design works. Execution of architectural and design works based on the preparation of accurate construction models objects, as well as related to performance a huge amount of mathematical calculations, necessary for engineering analysis of structures. The need to provide design organizations continuous information technology architectural and construction design led to the development of information technology modeling of houses. This technology has received the name of BIM-technology, which is based on the principle creation of a single parametric information building model that includes everything you need information on future and existing construction objects.

Key features for BIM.

BIM allows you to create a physical model consisting of different materials, as well as an independent analytical model with the ability to adjust it and further export to calculation programs. There are some key innovations in modeling such as:

- Improved framework modeling and editing tools;

- Improved modeling of monolithic reinforced concrete structures;

- Tools for working with the analytical model.

- Modeling of cable trays and pipelines;

- Improved management of MEP objects.

BIM as numerical respresentation about object.

You can also define what BIM is properly organized information, which used at all stages of his life cycle. BIM modeling in construction has huge advantages, you should contact us to to use them all most effectively. An important component of this technology is single information space, database that contains all information about technical, legal, property, operational, energy, environmental, commercial and other characteristics of the object construction.

Karnoenergy BIM services allow you:

- Improving the accuracy of financial calculations;

- Reducing the number of spatial collisions;

- Reduction of financial costs for construction;

- Accuracy of forecasts;

- Reducing the number of changes in the project.

- Quick adjustment of the information model.

- Accurate planning of work on the site of construction equipment.

- Creation of correct schedules of purchase of materials.

- Improvement of all key logistics processes of construction and operation.