Truthfully, I believe the hardest thing I ever did was believe in myself. The second hardest thing was truly making sure that I am happy alone. I had to fill my cup up before everyone else. Before I was giving everyone everything I didn’t have for myself. I cared that they thought I mattered, when I should have been making sure I was happy with the life I was living. I didn’t even know myself. The journey within nurtured my being. I had to make changes like not wasting my life satisfying people’s needs and fulfill mine. That first step was quitting my job and fully diving into my art even if there was no way of making money. As I have been able to hang in there. Some needs still haven’t been meet. And through buying me a coffee (donating $5/month) You will personally helping this artist with financing my art and keeping the lights on! Thank you for reading and I’m excited to build this community of supporters. There will be a lot of great BTS and process documentation as well as private content only my supporters will be able to see😇