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Hey 👋 I'm KataPUMB, a Spanish mod maker of Skyrim and Fallout 4. I've developed up to 34 mods which usually contain new quests, spells, powers and gameplay changes. Any donation you do is very appreciated. If you become a member you will be granted with access to my currently on-work mods.

Most known mods I've done are: Vertibird Overhaul, Staves on Back, Glamoril Magic of Time and Space, Dark Envoy - Vampire Powers and Psyker Powers

The rules I follow to make mods are the following:

- Edit as less vanilla assets as possible.

- Use code as light as possible.

- Keep my mods 100% compatible with the most of things out there.

- Keep the mods as standalone as possible.

- Be as lorefriendly as possible.

- Be as balanced as possible.

- Make it compatible across all platforms possible.

- No nudity.

You can check here my nexus profile: