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Hello :) 👋 My name is Kate Greenwood and I'm a Cultural Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist. I work with Aboriginal people in an effort to protect, document and record their cultural heritage. I also do unique cultural heritage based arts and environmental projects. Conservations with Kate, is about having conversations with amazing people who have interesting stories to tell. It has a focus on cultural heritage, whether it's personal cultural heritage (a story about growing up/ family background etc.) or with people who, like myself, work in the cultural heritage industry. I'm doing this as it's important to record stories and in an effort to demystify archaeology and cultural heritage management in Australia. I am very passionate about looking after cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for buying me a coffee and for your support, it means a great deal :) 

Warmest regards,


Frank Knight
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Happy to support this initiative and to learn more about cultural heritage 

Barry is now a member.

Very happy to support this fantastic iniative

Col Ahoy
Col Ahoy bought a coffee.

Hi Kate, congrats on the podcast. Sounds like an interesting project 

Thanks so much for the support Col!!