I am a full-stack designer, with expertise in graphic design, art direction, video production

& editing, animated graphics, web design, and code (HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVA).

I implement my creative skill-sets so that they coincide with client needs.

As a creator, I use content marketing to drive top search engine rankings, while enhancing

website visibility. I am a multimedia specialist who expertly researches and develops emerging

concepts and trends; in the process, I have managed to go viral on my own, on multiple occasions.

Combining my abilities with tech and content-creation have allowed me to not only direct

teams, but create consistent communication with client/creator relationships. As a creative

developer I offer previous success within a wide-ranging, team-oriented environment.

Cinematography, Photography, & Graphic Design have given me the opportunity to experience

and educate teams about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest technologies, editing

software and cameras.