I know I've been gone for a little while, but I gotta be honest, living in my gift as far as writing and creating content has been amazing and is a true blessing.

Lately I've been writing a prequel story to Karmina The Black Dragon Princess and asking questions about the storyline I did not know I had, and ended up exploring different characters I didn't know before (even though I should for all you writers who plot your stories instead of delving in with a vague idea like I do).

Since I've been in a caught in the writing spell, I haven't had a chance to go back to streaming due to the holidays and my equipment acting awful as far as playing mobile games on my phone are concerned (ie Tears of Themis). But I'll be getting back to playing that game just cuz I love it so much and refuse not to figure it out lols (I'm stubborn that way).

With all of that said and having caught the writing bug (and have been recording stuff offline meaning I'm using my phone to practice my voice acting skills for when I start recording my audiobooks) if your subscribed to my tier on here, you will be getting whole chapters along with the stuff I've been working on.

I was debating if I wanted to post it as podcast episodes but decided against it only cuz I want to keep my loyal supporters in the loop (ie as I'm working on my projects) which makes it as exciting right?

So expect a few more posts with sneak peeks of the prequel I'm writing (along with some recorded audiobook style recordings, not official though). But its really more for your enjoyment purposes.

For my subscribers this is what to look forward to (and stories I'm gonna share cuz its quite a few):

  1. Karmina The Black Dragon Princess (Newly Written) Recorded Chapter 1

  2. Princess Aria UE (Unedited) Chapter 1 (I guess is what I should name the Prequel since you guys already know that Queen Aria is Karmina's Mom) Hint: King Eli is Prince Alistair's Father. So yes expect another enemies to lovers erotic scandal.

  3. Sharp Midnight Recorded Filler Scenes (This is NOT in the original manuscript when this book comes out)

I will let you guys know, there is a total of FIVE stories that I started writing in the beginning of my writing career 2 years ago back in 2019, so these are stories I return to, and continue to build and rewrite as I see fit. These titles are as listed and I'll give you the general theme and synopsis if it helps.

  1. Karmina The Black Dragon Princess Series (1-5 now cuz of the prequel I recently added)

  2. The Dangerous Hostage

  3. Wicked Moon

  4. Sharp Midnight

  5. Ira's Secret

Now most of you already know the idea for Karmina's story line but for those who are new to me, and my writing this is really so everyone can be caught up on all the stories I've held these close to my heart (and yes have written me interacting with my characters from ALL five novels and will intend to publish when all of these come out).

Princess Karmina: The Black Dragon Princess (Book 1)

Princess Karmina of the Agalian Dragon Clan is an erotic fantasy enemies to lovers romance and has been at war with their sister tribe The Isati Dragon Clan which are a clan of proud warriors and live by the warriors code of life. But after training with her Father that morning, they violated their peace treaty by brutally murdering Karmina's family and her mother left her one final task. To end the war among all nations, starting with her murderers, Grand Marshal Arlo Wolf, Prince Alistair (Ali), and Naveen Chikere. But after witnessing the death of her family, she vows revenge instead and decides to leave with them as her prisoner deciding to get closer to her enemy to strike them later. But has her heart been swayed? Or is it a trap? And does Karmina end the war between their two tribes as her mother has entrusted her with her dying wish?

Prince Ali of The Isati Dragon Clan is exhausted with endless war, and wishes to retire, but due to his unnatural joining with his Dragon Jasper in the womb instead of completing the ancient ritual of sex to obtain the Dragon, his people have hated him calling him a monster and the only way he can retire, is to find a bride yet all are too terrified of him when in comparison his Grand Marshal is widely known and respected among all the lands and not Ali. But since the enemy Princess has decided to leave with them of her own volition, perhaps he can use her predicament to his advantage to end the war for his own personal gain. But when things heat up between them, he will be branded a traitor and will lose his throne if anyone finds out. Or did he find something more with Karmina? Or does he stick to his sole desire to retire and no longer be used as a trump card in the face of endless war and bloodshed?

Grand Marshal Arlo Wolf of The Isati Dragon Clan is known as the most feared warrior among all the nations and many run from a battle when they know he has stepped on the field. But due to his pride as a warrior seeks a glorious death per his code of life, so when Karmina challenges him in the midst of her grief at the loss of her family and vowed revenge he becomes enticed with her spirit despite knowing who he is as none has faced him as badly as she has. But Arlo is withholding a big secret that only Karmina finds out in the midst of them getting hot, heavy and a little too comfortable, and its his revenge toward Prince Ali for the death of his son. Set in his mission decides to use Karmina for his own purposes, but does he too find something more with her? Or does he continue with his plan and finally extract his revenge against the Prince after centuries of living in grief? Does Karmina's spirit sway him to have a change of heart?

Naveen Chikere of The Isati Dragon Clan is a common boy who spent his entire life training and rapidly climbing the ranks to become known as the third feared warrior among other tribes and has shared many years of bloodshed beside Arlo and Ali. He has held onto his hatred for Karmina's people since the death of his family, mainly his little sister and fueled by his hatred has annihilated many of her people in war and combat, since her race prefer to talk through conflict and do not fight. So when he is assigned to watch over Karmina while she bathes, unable to control his hatred despite the orders from their Grand Marshal, ends up taking advantage of her by defiling her, but something changes between them rapidly when she claims to use her as a means to forgive himself and her for the loss of his family. But since the act had already been committed against Arlo's wishes now has to hide what he has done to her as to disobey an order from Arlo is immediate death. And out of his shame and guilt has decided to be labeled a traitor to help her navigate his homeland. But does their relationship grow into something else as he helps her, or does he end up betraying her when they arrive at the palace? And is she able to keep the secret against Prince Ali and Arlo? Can he really trust her?

Aviva (Via) (Karmina's Dragon) - After eons and eons of war and bloodshed, she no longer wishes to participate in the slaughter of her children, but understands her duty to Karmina's clan and considers it an honor to serve and protect what she has been tasked with. But when Aviva meets Jasper in the spirit realm and speaks with him, is there something more there? What really started this war to begin with?

Jasper (Jazz) (Prince Ali's Dragon) - He thinks Prince Ali and Aviva are weak for their desire for peace as peace is the cowards way and will do all that is necessary to carry on the warriors code of honor. But suspicions arise when he speaks to Aviva like he knows her, do they know each other? And what is this war really about?

Is Karmina successful in her endeavor to end the war between all nations?

I told you guys this is my first story I wrote after not writing for almost 11 years, so this one is truly close to my heart. But now that you know whose who, and their overall motives, I am now gonna share with you my other babies (my characters and stories).

Sharp Midnight (Tragic Romance Story)

Nineteen year old loud, vulgar, and boisterous Marshall Decker has secretly loved devout Christian Lila Costner since elementary school but due to the secret he withholds what he really does for work, and thats going on missions to murder and kill all he has been assigned since he was child and there spurs his desire to die for all the cruelty he has caused others in the midst of his crimes. Having the universe grant his wish to die, is now diagnosed with a rare disease of COPD called the AAT gene and refuses to cure it. Remembering the day he finally talked to her at a middle school party at thirteen, he asks her in his drunken stupor to never let go of the light in her eyes, to hold onto what she considers sacred and to never lose her smile. Six months later after making that promise, he runs into her again around the death of her mother and saves her from a car that was about to run her over and when she cries in his arms he decides right then after devising a plan for her to inherent all of his assets without his pursuers knowledge and hers as well, finally musters the courage if he lives long enough to see Nineteen, that he would ask for her hand in marriage in secret. So when he finally pops the question, does she decide to marry him and keep their wedding a secret? And if she does, can he protect her from the people who have spent their lives hunting him? Or will she become his greatest weakness? Can they keep their marriage a secret among his classmates after having been labeled the popular bad boy of his school? Does Marshall have a change of heart and decide to get the cure because of Lila? Or does he still settle on death with someone to protect?

Tony Price (Tone) has been Marshalls right hand man in the streets after he murdered his abusive step parents as a child and has stayed by his side the entire time and has been his sworn brother since then, and although he seems like the perfect guy among all of his peers as a bisexual boy, is a cheerleader and is well liked by many others, hates all the fake stuff in his school and continues to root for Marshall and Lila in their endeavor for true love, but after having watched Marshall suffer from his disease behind closed doors, continues to plead with him about getting the cure not just for himself but for Lila, since he had been by Marshalls side watching Lila and knows how she would take his inevitable death. Tony will always continue to be his voice of reason, because Marshall is the only family he has, what will Tony have if he decides to die? Can he get through to his brother and convince him to get the cure? Or will it all fail in the end? No matter what, Tony has decided to be by his side, since he had been there for everything else.

Lila Coster - Is a devout Christian dedicated to God and only God. She has been teased, ridiculed, and does not curse, or fight back when she is abused and beaten savagely by her Father and peers and still prays for their well being. But Lila is holding an even bigger secret than her Father beating her, and thats finding her mothers corpse at thirteen hanging from the ceiling and cannot stop hearing her voice in her mind & suffers from violent nightmares. But despite all of the darkness, she still clings to God and wishes well for all, and only has one dream deep down that the longer she realizes will never come true due to the names she is called among her peers and even her Father, and its to be a wife and to love a man and have children. A simple life where she can serve her family and God and nothing else. So when Marshall suddenly pops the question to marry her after telling her the truth of his disease, she is conflicted. Should she say yes? But when she starts asking question about his work things shift between them and is beginning to have more questions the deeper they fall for each other. Does she get the answers to her questions? Will she convince him to get the cure for his disease so she can live a long abundant life? Or will she be a widow in the end of it all?

The theme for this story is Religion and children handling adult like topics, how do you stay true to yourself in the midst of being confused and having questions? So this too is another novel I've been working on for a long time, and yes I took the classic bad boy and good girl trope and took it the extreme, so I hope you guys enjoy the material for this book I'm gonna send if your subscribed to my tier.

Onto the next one! And yes I'm enjoying being able to share my LONG TIME projects. You are all wonderful.

Wicked Moon (Dark Romance)

Sociopathic Severus Dixon goes by the name Gunner Orion during the daytime as the most sought after Therapist in the city where he works overnight as a hitman as Severus Dixon, his birth name. One night he comes home after finishing a job and finds a woman about to be brutally raped and murdered, but when she fights back, he becomes intrigued with the rapid switch in her attitude since others would be too consumed with their fear to react as quick as she did. Deciding on a whim he saves her from those men, but instead of beating them up, he murders them directly in front of her, and has seen his face. So when she asks for his name, he tells her, Sev since his name does not exist in the system. Then disappears into the night. So when he finds out she is a patient in his office the following morning due to a cancelled appointment, he realizes he may have made a mistake trusting her and has his sights to murder her if she did tell the police about him. But as they get closer in his office he finds out she is a Funeral Director and realizing she is his favorite rat he hesitates. To hesitate means death. Does he carry out his sights to murder her after spending months with her in his office? Or does it become something more against his will?

Katrina Brooks is a Funeral Director and has truly come to love and appreciate her job and considers it a duty to assist and help others through their time of grief, spending smiles and words of comfort. But when she witnesses those men murdered in front of her that night, it changes what she does for a living and starts asking questions about the man who saved her. Why did he save her? And why does he look so familiar to her therapist? Or perhaps it is her trauma that is seeing things? Her friends and family have kept their distance due to the trauma it has caused her and something she refuses to talk about with anyone so when she runs into him at a bar dressed in his all black suit, she gets that sinking feeling in her stomach, it can't be him? Is it? Or will the relationship they have built in his office cause her to sway her feelings regarding her therapist?

So this story was inspired by a post I saw on Instagram that was like "OMG I'm so tired of the dude that saves the damsel in distress and she automatically falls for him, like dude? He's the bad guy, enough with that shit." And it was inspired this story, and after watching a short show (The Into The Dark Series) on Hulu it inspired Sevs intro scene and I started asking, what if he has reasons that would make him the good guy? Is it justified? This story is something I was exploring about the concept of life and death, as Katrina believes in life and how precious it is despite what those awful men were going to do to her, and it confuses Sev in the process. So this is another story I've been working on for two years and will revisit every now and then like I do my other stories.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting my cast of my long time characters. Now this story has NOT been posted ANYWHERE! This story was shared with ONE person and no one else and her name is Jess, and I swear I love her for encouraging me to publish this story and keep it on the roster. So again, enjoy meeting my forbidden novel of characters in this next one.

The Dangerous Hostage - (Dark Urban Romance) (1995)

Keilani Booker - Is a long time biochemist and pharmacist that works at Garden View hospital but has fallen to the cycle of life, work, home, then work again since she doesn't go out or spend time with anyone, doesn't date as all men are intimidated by her intellect. And while she could spend her time remembering her past, she figured its for the best. Until one night she is kidnapped in her home after she comes back from work, and meets the most wanted men in all of Chicago; Eryx Mason, Kumara Blood, and Matisse Flynn. So when Eryx starts asking her where the blueprint is, she has no idea what she is talking about. But when he raises the gun to her head, she snaps and refuses to die and decides to escape only to fail in her escape attempts.

So Eryx makes a deal with her that she can freely roam the house if she agrees not to escape from them anymore and he'll keep her alive. She agrees and out of her boredom ends up getting closer to the boys by making their meals for them and something begins to shift between all of them towards her, and decide to trust her with more of their operations when she successfully survives training by Eryx in the basement. But one day when she turns on the television there is a warrant for her capture from the CIA and now Keilani has suspicions that something much bigger is going on and the longer she spends with the boys, her memories start to return, and its the truth of her capture and the bigger picture. Does she decide to take that knowledge of her past to help them find the blueprint so they can retire? Or does she tell their plans to the CIA instead? Or does she let her emotions get in the way of what needs to be done so she can return to her normal life and not the life of crime she had spent with them?

Eryx Mason - Decides to carry out the plan to kidnap her as he had been instructed to keep her away from the CIA finding out the blueprint that they want, the same one that her mother created and entrusted it to Keilani. But since she has no memory of it, he decides to let her roam free and train her so she can become stronger in case they decide to relentlessly pursue her out of witnessing the strength to resist him until she obtains her memories. But when she starts making their meals, he makes the fatal mistake of softening his heart towards her and lets her go so she can return to a normal life. But was it right to trust her? Or will she rat them out like any other woman would for money? Or did he push her too far?

Kumara Blood - Eryx's right hand man in the streets, is cold and removed since he and Matisse murdered their step parents and were on the run as kids, only to find that Eryx needed help and on a whim Matisse convinced Kumara to save him from the men who stormed his house out for blood. Successful in their endeavors, Eryx, Matisse, and Kumara made a blood oath as children to remain brothers in the streets and would never break their bond for anyone. Kumara considers Keilani a threat to their operations, and their ultimate goal of needing to retire and live a life of peace. Kumara didn't get to be his right hand man unless he did what needed to be done. But one night when he is watching soap operas on the television late at night, she makes dessert, coffee, and accidentally falls asleep on his chest, and things shift between them against his will. Can Kumara keep his ration in the midst of all that is happening and be the voice of reasoning among his brothers who are easily swayed by her? Or is she really as trustworthy as she puts off?

Matisse Flynn - After having spending a lifetime of crime as Eryx's left hand man has grown to hate it due to his gentle hearted nature, continues to hold onto all that is precious to him and as of now it's his brothers despite how they treat him for the weakness of his heart and have the entire time. So when he meets Keilani and sees the will she has to fight against them, and eventually the bigger enemy by risking her life to save them in a shootout, Matisse grows to trust and cherish her, and agrees with Eryx's idea to let her go from captivity since things had been getting too dangerous with them. But his heart aches for her in a way he didn't think was possible after all the blood that had been shed by his hands and still struggles with accepting the darkness inside that he refuses to acknowledge. But did Matisse make a mistake trusting her same as all his brothers have? Do they eventually get out and retire from their life of crime? Are they really the bad guys? Or are they just doing what is necessary to survive in a cruel, dark world?

So I can tell you what inspired this story and yet again I was going for a classic trope, which is the Stockholm Syndrome and yes it was another post I came across on Instagram and yet again, another writer complaining about how its not possible to find love among a situation with that, so yet again, I'm playing around with the dynamics and YES guys their sex scenes are steamy asf and its why they stayed my dirty little secret this ENTIRE time until I decided to reintroduce them to you now.

The theme with this story is the crooked justice system when it comes to gangs and the government, ethics and morals etc. and this is the ONLY story I went in with an actual outline, and while I thought I failed, I can still use the original draft by cleaning up the writing and publishing it. So again, all of my stories cover a deeper theme at hand and even though its romance and lots of sex, I ask questions in the story (for example, there's a question Matisse asks a soldier saying what's the difference for the reason you kill and the reason I kill?)

One more guys, and this topic is something I have to do more research on, but its why I rewrite these stories a MILLION times over the years to obtain clarity about the characters and what I wanna tell.

PS: I play around with male and female names, so Ira is a woman in this next story lols.

Ira's Secret (Stalker Romance)

Ira Cooper - Moves to Texas to get a new start on her life when her mother abandoned her in the streets of Chicago to survive, and after her father found her are starting their new life together. She pursues beauty at all costs and becomes an Instagram model to stay relevant among her peers and classmates. Everyone wants to be her, or do they really? Ira is holding a deep secret and refuses to have it come to light, so when a man she recognizes steps in the picture, her heart plummet to the pits because this is the one man who knows her dark past that she will do any and everything to keep off of social media and will not settle for anything less than her popularity among her peers.

Cicero (Virgil Berdreau) - Is a deranged stalker who speaks reverse/jumbled English and is obsessed with Ira and has been since he met her on the streets of Chicago back then, and as the leader of his gang by his savage display of cannibalism and relentless torture, decides to remind Ira why she can never run away from her past, and will test her until her authentic self surfaces to break the false image of her on social media. Cicero has come back to reclaim Zubie and will stop at nothing to take what he knows is his.

THIS story my goodness was SUCH a treat to write, and the theme of this is kinda like Evanescence Everybody's Fool about the fake image we all portray on social media and not our real selves and it is what birthed Cicero's Character.

Fun fact, I came up with the name Cicero when I was listening to Chicago's Cell Block Tango and had found an Instagram model on accident and his name is Jord Liddell and is a tattoo artist in the UK. (My God he is such a sweetheart by the by) and told me a long time ago I can use his photo as a book cover but since every other writer fucked that up, no one can really use his photos.

Buuuuut since I have permission, I'll share his photo and why to me he will always fit his character as Cicero.

I still have a lot more of work to cultivate this story, but now that you're all caught up with my LONG time projects, feel free to listen and read all the stuff I send if your subscribed to my tier.

Thank you all for your continued support! I appreciate all of you, and truthfully living in my gift like this has kept me in pure bliss and joy. I'm grateful to God everyday I am granted that opportunity.

So I really hope you all look forward to the books and audiobooks for these projects to come out, and yeah the offline scenes are funny as fuck.

All my love and light, and again, thank you.

-Kornelia Blackmore