Hey guys I know its been a little while since you heard from me cuz I've been keeping myself occupied regarding all the creative stuff I've been delving into lately. So here's a list of what's on the roster and things to look forward to in the near future, cuz Issa lot.

The Book Stuff:

I'm currently participating in NaNoWriMo, if you're not sure what it is, there's a link I'll leave at the bottom for anyone that wants to know, but basically the overall goal is to complete your novel in a month. I still have multiple drafts of Karmina The Black Dragon Princess, but I intend to better write specific scenes and clean up the plot a little bit (so I guess you can say I'm using Nano to clean up my drafts). I don't have a publishing date, but this does help me stay motivated to get it done for the most part.

The Audiobooks:

The next is audiobooks, which I have a wide array of individuals who would love to purchase my books in audio, however, this is the one that would take me an entire month to complete due to the strenuous amount of effort regarding edits on audio to meet standard quality (and I'm still picking up new tricks as I go along since I'm self taught). Ie: one recorded hour of audio takes SIX hours to EDIT the audio insert crying emoji.

With that said, it may be something I partake in the month of December, but you all know me well enough I don't like to rush my projects as the intended message and delivery can come off incorrect (in my mind at least).

So the audiobooks for production are The Blood Covenant & Crowning. (By the by, Crowning got two stars which is cool cuz at the end of the day, no one owes me anything). That includes readers as well. (I just have a different outlook on it overall).

So The Blood Covenant & Crowning will be on the list for production MAYBE in December (hopefully fingers crossed).

PS: If you haven't read Crowning, those characters WILL be making an appearance in KARMINA THE BLACK DRAGON PRINCESS! So best BELIEVE when Layla meets Karmina, yeah that shit is finna be lit xDD

The Podcast:

I'll be honest I haven't posted any new episodes mainly because I don't have much I want to discuss, and it's not that I don't have a lot to say I DO, its just not a format I care for, so I may just go back to basics with the original idea of my podcast show where I talk about writing (& some real life stuff) & narrate my works for the hell of it. The point for me is to have people read my books, not for monetary value like money (it's the other reason why I only set my prices for a dollar and again that has nothing to do with how I see my work should be worth, I just want people to read the stories and thassit).

So I may take it back to the beginning before it went on hiatus, and talk about my projects/life events regarding the creative stuff, and narrate. I also plan to take author interviews on the show as well, only because I enjoy helping other narrators (and whenever I feel like having my show live where people can call in cuz I did figure that out, I'll definitely let you guys know). Like I said there's a lot on the roster I wanna go over. If you've made it to this point, you're a real one.

The Modeling Photos:

So I've been taking a break from anymore shoots and only wish to work with Photographers I know and can easily get to, as I'm limited in this instance, and I have to accept it for what it is rather than lie to myself. I don't do that anymore.

I can't say when I'll start accepting photoshoots, but I can say I'm putting the erotic nudie stuff away. It was a phase in my life that I accept but no longer wish to hold myself in that perspective anymore (even though I already know my snatch is on the internet somewhere) and sure it shouldn't bother me but the truth is, it does and I did it to myself. It is what it is.

So any future projects I take regarding photography will only be certain campaigns, like beauty, jewelry, parts modeling, fashion/high fashion, and the rest just wacky artsy stuff (like body paint or cosplay etc.) but not the glamour/lingerie modeling.

However, that's not to say I still won't take those photos, but they won't be for the public and just as something I enjoy for me nor will I put any of those photos for sale. I'll only post my work for any photographer in my area interested in working with me for paid jobs (but that too is also up to my discretion).

I'll keep it on the roster, but it is shelved for now.

The Video Game Stuff:

I recently finished playing Doki Doki Literature Club (which is a psychological HORROR game and is highly disturbing & it makes it funny asf to watch other people play this game). Those episodes are posted on my Youtube & Twitch channel.

Fun Fact, I started narrating as a teenager whenever me and my family played Playstation One RPG's because both of my parents couldn't read the dialogue as fast as I could, until eventually I got into character as the game progressed & that's what birthed the narrating aspect of my writing.

So video games has always been close to my heart and its my way of staying connected with that part of myself and having fun with it. I can say because streaming has gotten so toxic within the community, it is challenging to stay entertaining & engaging because now streaming has become a job.

For ME I'm not doing it to make money (now again if any of you watch my live streams, it gives you the option to donate as I'm streaming which is not necessary but it does supply money for my equipment stuff like microphones, software, etc.) but let me be clear this is not WHY I do it. play games cuz I enjoy it for me and thats what makes it fun to share.

So I'm not a professional streamer and don't plan to be anytime soon, if at all.

With all of that said, I am not playing one of my FAVORITE mobile games and it's called Tears of Themis (I get to be a lawyer and investigate really dope cases, while finding love with four potential partners in the process and yes they fine asf, Marius is mine xDDD )) This game was made by the same creators of Genshin Impact which I also started playing on my phone, but I don't have anymore space to play it anymore [yes I'm still sad about it cuz I got to adventure level EIGHT and now I can't play it after putting that much time in already insert crying emoji here].

But the way they create their games is so well thought out and there's SO much to do, which makes it even more fun to share. So I'm already a few episodes into the series (like two episodes I think?) so make sure to check it out if you ever got some free time or just wanna hear me talk in the background while your doing stuff.

As far as any other future games, I do intend to stream or play are: First Snow (which I think is also a graphic novel type game but two girls fall in love), A Year of Springs (also a really cutesy game). And ONE DAY when I get a PS4, I'll DEFINITELY have more games to stream, but for now these are the few that's on my list.

If anyone has suggestions on how to better improve the channel (like if you guys prefer short, edited episodes, or my hour long streams, that helps immensely).

Whew! I think that's everything for now, (or at least I can think of at the moment).

And as my way of saying thank you: here's a sneak preview of what to look forward to when Karmina comes out (for the second time).

Princess Karmina

I returned to Prince Alistair’s tent & he had the food & tea lined & ready to eat. His hair was tied in a low bun with the jewels sticking out on the ends, same as Arlo. 

He glared at me with a sour expression, and for some reason I felt bad though I am not obligated to him or any of them for that matter. But still, it is courtesy he does not have to extend to me. 

I stepped inside & saw he had clothes laid out for me to change and now I felt really bad. 

“My apologies Prince Alistair,” 

“Ali is fine,” He corrected deciding to dig into his food now that I had arrived. 

I walked to the corner of his tent where he had a slip ready for me and a robe and when I undressed I could feel his eyes on my naked backside. 

Now would be the time to use my charm & seeing as my sexual desire hasn’t entirely been satiated no thanks to the time I spent with Arlo, I gazed over my shoulder and smirked, “Do you see something you like Ali?” 

I heard a growling chuckle and the power in it thrummed my nerves like twine in it’s hinted seduction. 

“I do but I am not a complete heathen like my counterpart Arlo who takes what is not consented as his. Assuming he has defiled you, or perhaps you have not remained pure by your title among all the lands,” he replied. 

I laughed in amusement, turned to face him so he is able to see me naked first before I put my slip on. The way his sharp golden eyes slowly moved from my eyes to my breasts, torso, groin, feet and back up to my eyes made me tremble with anticipation to satiate my own curiosity with him in the coupling ritual. 

“Perhaps I will consider a deal with you,” he smirked resting the tip of his tongue in the corner of his top lip, “but first we discuss what it is I need to tell you & then we save the ritual for later this evening if you are not too worn from our travels,” he finished. 

“Alright then,” I smiled. 

I put my slip & robe on and sat in front of him as he poured the tea and served me. It is odd, the men cook & serve tea whereas in my lands the women do these tasks. 

“Prince Ali, why do the men here know how to cook & serve tea?” I slipped in my question. 

He chuckled, “these tasks are not solely for women but it is up to the discretion of the man and is not required by any laws to conduct himself in this manner. So it is a choice with us and not mandatory. I am to assume Arlo has done these tasks with you and that is why you asked me to verify?” He asked outright. 

When he offered me the plate our eyes locked and the heat flushed to my cheeks, “Thank you Prince Ali,” I said graciously. 

He nodded in confirmation, then took a sip of his tea before he took a bite of his food. It is true I have done and shared these tasks with Arlo but I do know where that comes from, it is because he had a wife and family who are dead like mine are. 

“Yes Arlo has shared these tasks & has told me to not be completely useless in this regard,” I admitted. 

“Princess I must warn you of him, he is not as he portrays himself to be,” he answered in between his bites of food. 

I blinked in confusion but not in his direction as I did not wish for him to read me as Arlo has gotten accustomed to, or Naveen for that matter. 

What on Venusha does that mean? Oh, he must be referring to his revenge against him regarding the death of his son. Perhaps now would be impeccable timing to ask these questions further since we are on neutral territory. 

“What do you mean by that remark Prince Ali?” 

“In here with me, Ali is fine,” he said with a wink and a smirk. The spices from the meat had left oil stains by his lip and he licked each side before taking another bite.

It made me smile at the sight though I am not able to discern why, but perhaps it’s the thought deep down that we may all be the same. This must be what my mother meant as her dying wish. 

“I wish to ask you something and I will explain in greater detail but I am not able to do that here & will have to take you to the spirit realm where our dragons reside inside of us,” he explained taking a cloth and wiping his mouth clean, then drank more of his tea.

When I took a sip, I noticed it was spiked, and this time I appreciated it. 

“Alright then, I will listen to your proposal, but I too have a confession,” 

“You do not know how to get there do you?” He said with a smug look and I huffed, “Must you be so obvious.” 

“My apologies Princess, I just have been born with my dragon & it is why I am able to tell skill level regarding our dragons & abilities without needing to battle them,” He said pouring another cup of spiked tea. 

“I see,” I answered. 

We both finished our food & tea in silence for a few more moments. 

“Now Princess, would you prefer for me to tell you how to get to the realm on your own or do you wish to perform the ritual?” He smiled with a dark flicker of lust in his eyes that reflected from the flame in the pit beside us, “together, with me,” he smirked. 

The gaze in his eyes ignited the fire in my lower abdomen and my pussy throbbed. 

I smirked in return, “That is alright with me,” I replied. 

“Then undress & wait for me on the cot while I clean up, I will instruct you on both methods to reach the spirit realm, but I sincerely hope you can keep up with me,” He said with a growl. 

This is much easier since I am buzzed from the spiked tea he shared with me, so I did as he instructed, stood up & untied my robe leaving it behind me as I walked to the cot. 

Then I grabbed the end of my slip & pulled it over my head leaving it on the floor behind. 

I laid on the cot and savored the softness of the fur blanket on my backside and stretched with a smile on my lips. It was then it occurred to me why Arlo calls me Kitten, and suddenly my heart leaped to my throat at the thought, because now I want to ask him to confirm my thoughts on the matter. 

Either way he is to teach me something I did not know as my sister was next in line to receive Via and not me, so I am new to the actual aspect of it and only know base theory. 

I never thought to ask since I was much too busy training with my father and running other affairs that did not involve mythological knowledge regarding our dragons. 

I heard his footsteps thunder towards the bed and I sat up to look at him; he stood bare naked in front of me with his dragon scales glowing over his muscles with ancient markings etched in his flesh. 

I decided to ignite my glowing scales as well and he smirked in my direction. 

When his eyes devoured me slowly and ended on my throbbing pussy he licked his lips then gazed back at me, “your open display of desire should be shameful Princess,” he rumbled. 

I spread my thighs apart and opened my arms to him, “Come Ali & show me the true meaning of the ritual,” I smirked in a low moan. I had watched the way my sister seduced men and was the master of it. 

He mounted me and hovered over my face. The heat that swirled between our bodies wound my nerves tight like twine and I writhed under him. 

“Tell me again what you want Mina,” Ali hissed in my lips and I breathed a moan, “Fuck me Ali,” I replied confidently. 

When his soft lips met mine the electricity of his kiss jolted up my spine & a moan slipped from my lips. 

I shuddered when his fingers stroked my clit & it made my pussy pulse with a need to be filled. 

Deciding to tease & wind me tighter he slid his fingers into my moist folds and I quivered a writhing moan when the tip of his finger rubbed my G-spot. His tongue slid in my mouth & I matched his desire kissing him back. 

“Tell me again,” he groaned in my lips & he fingered me faster until my thighs shuddered, “Fuck me Ali,” I submitted. 

He yanked his fingers out of my pussy, and slid his pulsing dick inside. I clutched the fur blanket under and arched my back until my breasts meshed against his hard pec muscles and he stroked me. 

“Look at me,” he ordered and I did as he instructed by looking at him, the same way I did with Arlo, and noticed the way his eyes swirled bright in his irises with each ram, “Yes Ali,” I moaned in submission. 

He pumped me & I followed the momentum of his desire with each stroke. 

Falling in the trance, I saw white specks in my vision & focused on them until it created a tunnel & everything faded into a bright light that consumed me. 

Princess Karmina

When the specks of white light settled in my view, I blinked at how beautiful this world is as the sky stretched vast & wide with puffy white clouds. The sunlit rays shone from the right of me & when I looked down, I noticed my reflection in the rippling water beneath. 

This realm looks like I’m floating in the sky with water under my feet but it did not feel wet or damp, it stood solid like the earth in our world. 

I heard a growl behind me, “It is a pleasure to officially meet you Princess, welcome to our spirit realm,” Via said in her warm tone. 

The warmth in her growl permeated through my veins & I smiled deciding to turn around and meet my dragon. 

When I met her sparkling hazel eyes against her chocolate brown skin, I paled. She looks human same as me, I had never heard of this before. 

She clasped her hands in front & bowed until her straight onyx hair fell to the water beneath, “It is an honor to officially meet you & it has always been my greatest joy to serve your family. Please forgive me for the role I have played in this war out of necessity, it is my humblest desire for peace among all, same as your Mother,” she explained. 

The way the gold & white stitches in her sky blue robe sparkled made me wish I had one but I beamed, then bowed in return, “No Via thank you for serving my family & being here with me, having you as my dragon is my honor,” I mentioned humbly. She is much more powerful than me, yet she bows to me? My Gods I love her so much. 

We both stood from our bows and she outstretched her arms to me, “Please, I have not held one of my children in centuries & know you require solace at this moment before listening to the Princes proposal,” she growled warmly. Even when she speaks it warms my heart like she is family. 

I ran to her and wrapped my arms around in a feverish embrace & she rubbed my hair, “You have such a warm spirit amidst the world of war and chaos, thank you for the embrace,” she smiled. But it felt sad in her voice, why? 

So to make her smile I waddled with her left and right in our hug, “Hey don’t be sad, I’ll do what I am able to and end this war between us,” I promised. She laughed and it soothed me. 

“Blessings my child, thank you,” she replied kissing the top of my head. Mom I thought. 

“Are you ready to listen to his proposal?” She asked and I nodded, “yes,” and broke from her hug. 

“And also if I may misbehave for a moment,” she whispered leaning in my ear with a mischievous smile, “many of the men here are truly handsome & perhaps I am infatuated with Arlo through your eyes,” she giggled. 

“VIA!” I laughed with her, and now she reminds me of my sister. How is it possible to have a bond like a mother & a sister at the same time? It is a bond I appreciate more than anything right now. 

Then she gazed over my shoulder & her expression fell into a deep sadness again but she said nothing. 

“I see your ways haven’t changed,” I heard another male voice rumble, and due to the vibration in my bones, I had a sense it was Ali’s Dragon speaking. 

She stepped away from me, and said nothing to him, so I turned around to face them. 

Ali stood in front with his arms folded across his chest which only emphasized his muscle definition and when I gazed at the man behind him I blinked. My Gods he too is extremely handsome though his expression is caught in a permanent scowl. 

Brown skin, long curly hair, with bright inward golden eyes that accentuated his hard features. 

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