Good day guys,

I just want to take a moment and be honest with you, I had been in a huge funk lately and had needed some mental health space from my work, but with getting a new job and finding my center I've been excited to jump back into my creative projects and can I tell you the meeting I had yesterday with some of my new co workers (and all of them praising me for my accomplishments) was super weird, and refreshing.

I guess I had never looked at myself the way other people do in that regard when I tell others, yeah I do everything. I design everything, distribute, market, and now I can happily say I'm re-falling in love with one of my oldest original past times, and it's anime and video games. If it wasn't for the music that was played in a lot of those games and anime, it was what inspired me to write and come up with a multitude of different stories.

So for me, I'm in the midst of going back to basics and it has its challenges, ups and downs, but since I've been getting on a new schedule and trying to take better care of myself, and my health, I can say I'm hopeful for the future regarding my job and other future creative projects.

The Blood Covenant is still scheduled to come out on Halloween, and next on the roster, you guessed it is Karmina The Black Dragon Princess, not gonna lie guys I had a writer really close to my heart who grew with my babies in the two years I've known her give me a BRILLIANT suggestion to completely flesh out one of my characters, so guess what? More werds are gonna be typed for this manuscript, but when I have a release date, I'll definitely keep you all posted.

I have a slew of ideas, but I also don't wanna burn myself out like last time, so the modeling photos will be up for purchase, the podcast show will be up too (now that I'm up at like 4am), some recordings of video games I plan to play on both the youtube and twitch (schedule on the channels coming soon), writing the books (in between everything), live readings, a few more photoshoots of myself, and maaaaaaybe an audiobook soon (once I get the legal stuff in order).

If it wasn't for some really amazing people and God, I wouldn't be where I am now and I'll always be grateful for the lessons this life has taught me, and the people who have shown me love and support among it all, I have no regrets. That's not my spirit anyways.

All love and light my friends, (and yes previews of the book stuff is also coming soon)

-Kornelia Blackmore