Hey guys! So I wanna start by saying Happy New Year (I know it's Feb but shit happens)

My parents had been in the hospital over the holidays and was trying to get re-centered again before making any announcements or sharing any parts of my journey thus far. My parents are both well, so no worries there, the rest is just an adjustment.

All I think of when I think of last year is how angry I was at everything and everyone, only to realize I was angry at myself. I knew deep down I was allowing those awful things in life to happen to me, and with that realization, I enjoy being alone more than I ever did before.

Sure it does get lonely at times, but I've come to find value in wholesome meaningful relationships instead of a bunch of people living and functioning in subconscious trauma (ie. subconsciously recreating their own cycle of suffering by openly professing their thoughts into reality). It's why the saying goes you create your own hell.

I've recently broken my chains, and because I have, I am very limited, and much more private than I was before, and it comes with knowing how awful people are. So I hope many of you accept patience regarding my ability to share as I realize the weight of my talent and relentless practice at my craft.

I honestly don't have any type of care or need for other people/strangers to tell me that my writing is good or bad. I also realized that there are good books that people love and the writing for some readers is not that great.

So really, its a matter of preference and what style of writing you like to read.

I've been taking a break from the major projects but one of my goals is to release Karmina this year, but because this one has been my longest project, it's the one under the most scrutiny via editing since I don't have an editor for this manuscript.

The rest is protection of my work because now I understand that my idea is a gold mine, and no one deserves that from me.

The rest I take it as I go along and have fun with it, because the way I see it, if I'm not having fun with it, I'm not gonna do it.

Now that we got over the heavy stuff, I'm gonna share with you a really cool idea, you ready for it?

My characters from all 5 of my novels have a social media on Twitter.

You read that right.

They have their own Twitter where they send Tweets and interact with each other discussing (and creating) new events that'll eventually take place in the offline story arc (the stuff I shared on Facebook years ago when I had one).

So many of you might not know whats going on in THAT timeline, but don't worry, at some point I will catch you up.

Once I cancel the sub tier, I highly suggest you follow my babies on Twitter, the conversations are hilarious, and you get to interact with them outside of their respective novels. Arlo is already the most popular, to my surprise (and yes writing the scenes where he's caught on his magic device is gonna be fun, and funny).

So here are the links to their profiles, and I hope you consider following them & joining the fun.

Make sure you sign up for the Newsletter on my Twitter page so that way you get the fun/funny/erotic content that I write in the offline events that take place; basically if you wanna actually SEE the shenanigans take place, I highly suggest you do, cuz it's gonna be a great time anyways.

Oh and if the erotic stuff makes you hot and bothered, mission accomplished ;D

Thank you all for your continued support, I truly appreciate all of you. My mission now is just to get the message out, and nothing else because honestly, I don't want anything else.

My happiness is inside of me, and the day I stop choosing me is the day I stop allowing myself to be happy.

Blessings friends & all my love.

-Kornelia Blackmore

Here's all my babies socials!