I hope you all can forgive me for the tone of this message, and by no means do I wish to make anyone feel any kind of way, but I want to explain something.

I do everything.

I mean literally everything.

From writing my books, editing, proofreading, formatting, obtaining e-book covers to ensure quality, (and don't get me started on the work and money required for paperback publishing and distribution), copyrighting/trademarking my work (for legal purposes), record my audio, edit my audio (and ensure quality), marketing, social media, video editing, broadcasting, podcasting, photography (I take my own shots), edit my photos, post them on my website, blogging here, scheduling posts, & everything else in between.

And those are just the roles I can think of.

I am not hired, nor am I getting paid.

All the work I do is for free because I love my art and enjoy being creative.

I brought all of this up to explain how tiresome it is to consistently monitor everything on my own, and while I would love to pay people for the work I do, I can't. So to my loyal fans and followers, please understand I require your patience as a supporter. I don't have an assistant, and I don't have someone to consistently remind me of deadlines etc.

So I said all of this to let you in a little on my world and that like any normal human being that requires days off like you would at your job, its the same for me.

If your employer stopped paying you and expected you to do the work for free, would you? No. And even though I'm not getting paid for the work I do, some respect as an artist and as a human being is appreciated regarding when others subscribe to my tier (and sure others could say well why don't you schedule your posts), it don't work like that as a creative person.

In order for me to ensure quality content, it gets delivered when its done being typed, or posted, or edited as I'm doing it, otherwise what's the fun in it? I want all of you to be included in my tier AS I'm doing it because it makes it more fun and exclusive that way. I type a bunch of things (and at the moment I'm currently typing chapter three of The Blood Covenant in Act Two).

Please be mindful if you subscribe to my tier, I DO send out private material but it may not be to the frequency as others would like because of the way I choose to run my business, and since I am a one woman army, your patience is greatly appreciated in this matter.

Now that it's all been said and laid out on the table, I do want to thank the fans that have subscribed to my tier and stuck with me since the beginning. You guys are the real MVP and have been with me since day one two years ago, and for that, I truly love and appreciate all of you.

I have A LOT of things planned (like a loyalty program for my subscribers), but the biggest thing is timing to prevent me from burning out, and I'm not in a frame of mind anymore where I'm functioning from a constant push push push, as it feels forced and inauthentic. My brand is authenticity, and if me being authentic is not for you, then okay, that's fine, no harm no foul.

Either way, I appreciate your understanding regarding the work I do and again, if anyone has questions, feel free to ask and thank you for sticking with me. Much love and light my friends.

PS: I just submitted my podcast to iHeartRadio (and its live), and Pandora (it's still pending). So now my podcast is on multiple platforms (and yes I take care of that as well, and do my own research). I also figured out how to host my podcast show live and take calls (again research takes time ok?).