Hey guys! So here's the thing,

I know I'm a week behind my posts, but I want you all to know what's been going on;

I have been in staycation mode and haven't been able to get back in my groove and then having to take my baby Raja to the hospital. Apparently all the changes in the house and having my parents been in the hospital on and off last year is what contributed to him being sick.

Needless to say I'm responsible for his care & working around my fur baby to make sure he's okay has been a huge adjustment for me.

So what I wanted to give you an idea of the schedule I'm gonna be starting at some point next week & break it up by content type for those that are interested & want to support. (Thank you by the way).

Schedule- Writing & Publishing:

Mon-Thurs: Writing/Editing/Recording

Friday: Blog Post (these posts which is deleted & behind the scenes of my major WIPs) @ 8PM EST

Saturday: Twitter Newsletter @ 9PM EST (which is the offline T-realm story w/ my characters from my 5 novels I've been working on for 3 years): here's the link to sign up for those interested. https://www.getrevue.co/profile/kblackmore26362

Schedule- Live Streaming (Twitch/Youtube & Twitter)



Sunday: Tears of Themis & PC Games @ 8PM EST

Monday: Console Games @ 8PM EST

Schedule- Youtube (Edited Videos)

Tuesday & Wednesday: Console Games @ 4:30PM EST

Schedule- Podcast

Wednesday: @ 4PM EST

Karmina The Black Dragon Princess is still scheduled to release June 18th 2022. So that's my next big project. I will ALSO be posting some of my stories on Kindle Vella for those interested in reading (but that's also gonna take some time). The Audiobooks are still on pause, aaaaaaand I will be selling the shots from my last photoshoot as stock photos for sale for anyone interested to make them into book covers. At some point I will be re-editing Crowning due to their appearance in Karmina at some point in the story (ya'll know I'll find a way to squeeze them in) xDD

I appreciate all of your support, I'm super happy to be back to work, but it's just gonna take me a minute to get back to it.

All of my love guys!

-Kornelia Blackmore