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Hey there everyone! 👋 I just created a page here so I can offer my expertise to actors and voice actors with creating and refining their acting resumes

There is a serious lack of detailed and consistent information out there for what makes a good resume, what doesn’t, what you need to have on it, and what you have to get rid of. 

My training is listed on my resume on my website linked below, but as far as my credentials, I studied what makes a good resume while continually editing and refining my own for a year in college in my business and professional development for the actor from Kay Martinovich at Northern Illinois University. 

I realized I could help people who struggle with this because of how much knowledge I gained on the subject. Most people coming here were more than likely linked so they can buy me a coffee! ☕️ 🙂 (Thanks for that!) ... But if you've wandered in here on your own (well HI there stranger!), I do have purchasable 1-on-1 live sessions available for resumes critique, refinement, and creation. If multiple session are needed to build from scratch, I'll offer you a multi-session grouped price.

Have a Great Day!

(Disclaimer-This is a resume reviewing service offered to actors ONLY, resumes for actors look quite different than those of other professions, if your looking for general resume help, you are looking in the wrong place, I am not the girl for the job! Good news is there is plenty of resume help out there for other professions... lucky ducks! BUT if you're an actor, you are in the right place, WELCOME!)