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A multidisciplinary creative, a visionary and a storyteller, Kendra Neely is passionate about fusing culture, innovation and storytelling together to create and activate brands with substance and soul. 

With innovation at her forefront, Kendra leads as CEO and Creative Director of Sincerely Creative Enterprises which encompasses Sincerely Social Group and Sincerely Creative Agency. All brands under the Sincerely Creative Enterprise house serve solopreneurs and corporations in various design capacities including branding, marketing, public relations, project management, event production ,web design and graphic design. 

A dreamer and do-er, Kendra believes in modern marketing and public relations methods that are both innovative and collaborative. Kendra’s passion for strategy and culture paired with her magnetic energy ignites rooms and sparks conversations that contribute towards the advancement of equality, social change, and the advancement of underprivileged communities through equal access to resources, education, food and shelter.