After apologising for platforming Alan Dershowitz, the BBC have now platformed Ghislaine Maxwell's brother Ian. 'We don't know how it happened' was the miserable excuse from the BBC as they platformed Alan Dershowitz following the Ghislaine Maxwell guilty verdict, ostensibly to defend Prince Andrew as I covered in my video yesterday, but of course he is accused of similar offences through his own links to Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. So call it serial incompetence, call it bad judgement, or as I prefer, call it continuing regardless to appease the wealthy elite, the BBC on Radio 4 platformed Ghislaine Maxwell's brother Ian. You couldn't make it up. He of course defended his sister to the hilt despite her having been found guilty on 5 of 6 charges relating to child sex trafficking. Where was all the balance and impartiality the BBC cite every time they are criticised of bias? Gone straight out of the window as once more they side with the oppressor against those they oppressed. The BBC's poor example when it comes to child sex abuse is lengthy, following the likes of jimmy savile, Rolf Harris or Stuart Hall as some examples, but when are they going to start learning from it, or are they just too untrustworthy in such matters for anyone to ever believe them again?