As the government look set to make all the same COVID mistakes again, our UK media can't fathom what could go wrong. NHS staff shortages show COVID is far from over, schools advised to merge classes amid fears of staff shortages, bin collections cancelled amid staff shortages, trains cancelled due to staff shortages. This is how the lamestream media are today presenting the issue of COVID spreading so severely through the populace, at a rate never before seen and they’re acting as if they cannot believe it is happening, with most seemingly asking the question why is it happening as if we haven’t been dealing with COVID for nigh on two years now. They are warning us of the consequences without explaining the why’s. The obvious why is COVID, but the elephant why in the room is the government’s continued half-arsed handling of it. After repeatedly failing to act in time, repeatedly acting too late, allowing over 150,000 of our fellow citizens to die due to their failure to act, STILL the media won’t ask the question, why is this government so shit? Sadly their indifference to report by extension means we’re too indifferent to demand better. Too many people still rely on the papers, or the BBC or Sky News for their daily news intake and its failing them as badly as this government is. Staff shortages in schools means professional bollock speaker Nadhim Zahawi will merge classes, making them even bigger and even better at spreading contagion. All we’re hearing about homeschooling is it ‘may’ return, well in Wales, where they have competent leadership, its going to return – where’s the news on that? I’ll tell you what we get instead, Bozo’s sister Rachel Johnson telling LBC – standing for Lousy Bloody Coverage - why can’t we just let the kids catch it, they don’t get as sick! even as science shows Omicron has targeted kids more effectively than any previous strain & immunity is not built up, people have instead ended up permanently damaged by it, if they survive at all and narrative like this being mainstreamed is exactly why we’ve never got to grips with this pandemic! Stop platfoming bloody Johnson’s! If your rubbish doesn’t get collected, you’ll complain to the local council, but it’ll be a part of the national governments national strategy of continuing to fail because they won’t change tack. Its Einstein’s definition of insanity being demonstrated by our elected government! People will complain to me well what of people who can’t work from home then? Well I’ll ask you back, will they need a train, but can’t get there due to that driver shortage? Will their workplace close because of sickness anyway? More people than ever before will get sick, maybe not as badly, but more will, which will still overwhelm NHS services which may themselves collapse due to staff shortages, never mind patient numbers. Look beyond your own little bubble at the wider society, because there is such a thing as society and its crumbling due to government & media indifference. Don’t be indifferent yourself and do support your independent media outlets, as we’re picking up all the mainstream slack right now.