Partygate continues to dominate new headlines & social media as we now know of eight separate Tory Xmas Parties. The contempt the Tory Party led by Boris Johnson continues to demonstrate for the rule of law and how it only seems to apply to us and never to him continues with new revelations seemingly every day. The latest is that we now know of eight separate parties held last year when the country was in lockdown, the most recent one to come to light implicating the Chancellor and Johnson's oft touted successor Rishi Sunak holding a drinks party for Treasury staff. Is there anyone in government not partying whilst our loved ones, the ones not dying alone in hospitals, spent last Christmas isolated and alone in the belief that it was for the good of the country? Sadly as we gear up for what could be a significant by-election next week, it seems those going to the polls would still vote Tory demonstrating not only why they feel they can flout the rules, but why they'll get away with. Cognitive dissonance as far too many people sleepwalk to the polls, cast a vote for the same party they always do and the country continues to decline as a result. What does it mean to be British these days except to be a good little sheep? We need change, so if you can't fathom a reason to cast your vote for someone else, do the nation a favour and just stay at home.