With the Tories having blocked negotiations, RMT rail workers are now on strike. Starmer, naturally sides with the Tories. Has Keir Starmer finally pushed his parliamentary party too far by ordering the frontbench off the picket lines? The Labour Party, set up by the trade unions to represent the workers has a leader who has repeatedly slammed the strike action beginning today. He refuses to support it, despite saying otherwise to get elected leader, pretty much everything he said then was a lie, therefore it seems obvious that he’s picked his side. He’s like every other Tory bleating in the media today, attacking the workers and siding with the bosses. That makes you a scab. Well if you’re not with us, Sir Scab Starmer, then you’re clearly against us. The idea of solidarity to this day remains alien to Sir Scab Starmer. It is therefore heartening to see so many Labour MP’s tweeting out their support for the RMT, for the ordinary folk who just want to do their jobs and have enough to live on in doing so, for showing the solidarity their party leader refuses to and show that at least some in Labour remember their roots, remember their purpose and remember that, as Barry Gardiner notably said, that solidarity is a reciprocal thing, if you give it, you get it in return. However it’s expecially notable that despite his instruction to frontbenchers to not join pickets, some have. Kate Osborne, the PPS to Peter Kyle the shadow Northern Ireland Secretary apparently has a resignation letter Starmer can have if he asks for it as she joins the picket line and Nav Mishra, a Labour Whip of all people, has been pictured with backbench Labour MP’s all from the North West. They’ve certainly shown more spine than Wes Streeting did after he apologised for offering support to the RMT last week. Ultimately, they have to see that their leader is widely disliked and becoming ever more so. He is widely distrusted, bores people and to this day nobody knows what he stands for or what he’d do in power. He doesn’t seem to possess any Labour values whatsoever. Everyone who believed from the get go Starmer was some kind of Tory plant have hardly been convinced otherwise, when he’s making all the same lousy comments and continues to align himself with them, against us. If he doesn’t support the unions then he’s an enemy of the working class and workers rights and by not supporting workers rights he has no business whatsoever leading Labour.