Tactical voting means voting on the basis they are not someone else, instead of policies. I hate it, here's why. I am as elated as anyone that the Tories were defeated in a seat they've held for nearly 200 years as they were in the North Shropshire by-election, but voting for someone on the basis they aren't the Tories is ridiculous to me. It means no progressive policies are put forward, no prospect for change just a changing of hands from one neoliberal party to another, with no threat to capitalism or the establishment in sight. The Lib Dems who people are cheering for put this Tory regime into power to begin with in 2010 and they're still led by one of their bag carriers to this day. Labour, the second placed party for much of the last century in North Shropshire was hammered by a party bashing slogan from the Lib Dems demonstrating not only how rubbish Team Starmer are when by rights they should have been the tactical vote, but also how Lib Dem campaigning works - 'vote for us, we're not them', instead of vote for us because we'll make your lives better. This is why centrism and centrist parties are such a void of emptiness, not deserving of a hard won vote we all have. I want my vote to mean something when I cast it, or I'd rather not cast it at all and thinking we have to do things this way because of First Past The Post makes no sense either when none of these parties would change it.