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Thank You ECHR, for stopping the Rwandan deportations. This time.

Jun 15, 2022

Human rights concerns over a flight of refugees to Rwanda from the UK prompted the ECHR to intervene with a stop order. So at the last minute the European Court of Human Rights stepped in with an injunction to prevent the last refugees bound for deportation to Rwanda being sent. Half a million quid spent on a plane, plus whatever we were paying Rwanda as part of the deal to send them there wasted, for the sake of not bringing them here and giving them £40.85 payment card each for food and toiletries. Value for money folks, only in the mind of a fascist wretch it is. I’m absolutely delighted for these people, I heard the last one off the plane was an Iranian chap who was a victim of torture, so what does that say about us in the UK, that these are the sorts of people we’re allowing these rancid Tories to deport? Another was on suicide watch. This is a big middle finger to everyone who was cheering the Tories on over this, every last one of you is a national embarrassment and you all need to take a long, hard look at yourselves. Of course, many of them, shedding their Tommy Robinson style tears, will be wailing that we’ve left the EU and we shouldn’t have to listen to this. The Human Right’s Convention, which the UK are signatories of, binds us to the ECHR, not Brexit and not the EU. In fact it predates our joining the EU because it was formulated in the wake of World War II to ensure fascism never rears its head in Europe ever again. Every European nation remains signatories to it to this day, with the except of Russia, to nobody’s surprise whatsoever. Boris Johnson has already mooted legal changes being required to allow his government to effectively become people traffickers themselves, raising the spectre that he might withdraw the UK from the act, something we know some in his party would celebrate, Dominic Raab for instance has spoken publicly on numerous occasions that he would like to see us withdraw from it, but given that one of the leading figures behind the development of the human rights act was this guy, yeah Bozo’s hero, Winston Churchill, the guy Johnson is so desperate to be compared to and indeed much of the legal framework was developed by British lawyers of the day, we would be turning our backs on something we very much helped create and indeed if the purpose of the was to ensure human rights are upheld and that the horrors of the past do not return, what does it say about any government or leader prepared to withdraw from that or an opposition leader, a former human rights lawyer himself, sitting in complete silence over it?

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