GB News' Tom Harwood attacks Labour's Erdington by-election candidate to help the Tories. Vote Dave Nellist instead. Tom Harwood, GB News’s posh preferred version of Darren Grimes who’s news delivery is evidence enough of its own why Andrew Neil couldn’t get away from being associated with them quick enough has put together a hit piece today on Labour’s Erdington by-election candidate Paulette Hamilton. He could’ve just asked, I’ve already covered her pro NHS privatisation agenda, her attempt to get a day care centre closed down for elderly and disabled, the fact she allegedly plans to keep her councillor wage on top of her MP’s wage should she get elected, or that she’s a second rate choice for Labour after their preferred choice screwed up the hustings. So what was Mr Amateur Hour newsreader’s big scoop then? n 2015 she spoke at at an event called the Ballot or the Bullet, does your vote count? The title a reference to a famous Malcolm X speech delivered in 1964 that advocated that African American’s turn out to exercise their right to vote, but if their vote, their exercise in democratic equality as it was then as much as it is now was in any way compromised, they should take up arms. Harwood implies that Hamilton is somehow torn between democracy and calling for an uprising. She states in the footage that she believes in the vote, but that that vote won’t necessarily deliver the change we need. I’d certainly agree with her there, she’s not a candidate that’ll deliver any change, but she didn’t advocate an uprising either, saying it wouldn’t necessarily deliver the change needed either. I don’t think she’s taking up arms anytime soon Tom. He wasn’t finished. Harwood then showed footage of Hamilton commenting on the Trojan Horse Scandal, which you might remember involved allegations of a Muslim conspiracy to essentially take over the running of several schools in Birmingham to push a favoured Muslim ethos. Now Hamilton inferred that she felt it didn’t stop there and that the same Muslim ethos pervaded local politics with many Muslim councillors and 2 MP’s – both in her own party – and she passed comment that they are not very good and they forgot why they were put there – well hold the bus here Paulette, your record is bloody awful as well and you’re slagging off members of your own party here implying you’ve 2 duff Labour MP’s by the sounds of it, because they’re Muslim! Now Harwood has of course done this to boost the Tory candidate who was given the chance to have a comment broadcast. Given he’s on his fifth attempt to get elected, he probably needs all the help he can get, even if that‘s the wooden Tom Harwood. It’s a hit piece from the hard right but questions on Labour’s response to Islamophobia given her comments want answering. Either way, tomorrow there’s only one candidate worth a vote and that’s Dave Nellist the TUSC candidate. He’ll take on all the Tories in parliament, the blue and the red ones and he won’t need to resort to smears or slurs to do it.