After dropping an amendment to delay investigation, the Tories now get a free vote on Johnson over partygate. It’s often asked of the Tories, can they sink any lower if they tried and the answer will always be of course they can, there’s no depths they won’t stoop to, no level of depravity they won’t reach for in order to cling onto power and defend themselves at the expense of everything and everyone else. Today there’s a vote in parliament to call for an investigation into Boris Johnson and whether he did intentionally and knowingly mislead the House over partygate, so naturally the Tories, effectively confirming that he did, are going to try and amend this and delay it until after the Met Police have concluded all of their investigations into Downing Street Parties and the Sue Gray Report has been published, we’re still being told that it’ll be in full. They claimed this would allow MP’s to have all the facts at their disposal, but it is again a kick the can down the road tactic and we saw what happened last time we were told to wait for more information, when we were given no comment by Bozo and the rest and yet when the information did come to light, they went on, ‘we need to put it all behind us, its old news now’ and tried to bury it.  Of course it could backfire. If Johnson gets more fines, then he’s in even more of a difficult position than he already is, but the fear of course is that he reneges on his promise to publish the Gray Report in full, that Johnson lies to us, shock horror, in which case this Tory amendment would be a wrecking amendment and he’ll have stopped the parliamentary investigation completely, contingent as it is on Gray being published. It would seem that this is finally a bridge too far for many Tory MP’s, at last deciding that pegging their careers to Johnson isn’t going to work for them and in news that’s literally just broken, this amendment is now being dropped. Tory MP’s will now get a free vote on this, instead of the three line whip they faced. Therefore any Tory voting down this investigation today, deserves to be named and shamed, they’d be endorsing his law breaking which has clearly made too many of them nervous, so I’ll be watching who votes for what very closely.