Tonight Conservative MP's will vote on whether they still have confidence in Boris Johnson as their leader. It seems that a good deal of Jubilee booing may have put the fear of God into enough Tory MP’s that the 54 letter of no confidence threshold has been exceeded – not hit, exceeded according to Graham Brady of the 1922 Committee – so a Vote of No Confidence will be held between 6 and 8pm tonight. Johnson apparently is going to fight it, completely ignoring the fact he’s clearly lost the confidence of the country, as all that booing showed – they were traditionalist Tory voter types, not an organised left. What is going to be an even bigger problem for the Tories is that Johnson is almost certain to survive this. It’s all well and good that 54 letters have been received triggering a no confidence vote, but 180 of them need to vote accordingly. Already you’ve got the likes of Truss and Sunak announcing their support, but lets face it, which future Tory leader would be daft enough to give them a place in a future cabinet? Their careers and they aren’t the only ones, are tied to Johnson staying. Equally others like Jeremy Hunt are calling for him to be voted out, a leadership bid, or just seeing the writing on the wall for his party? And John Penrose, Johnson’s anti-corruption Tsar has quit, not that he was much good, especially since he’s married to Dido Harding and I for one would still like to know where all of that £37bn pandemic funding went. The biggest gift the Tories could possibly give Keir Starmer right now, is to fail to depose Johnson. Everything Labour is gaining right now is because of Johnson, not anything they do or say themselves. If the Tories fail to remove Johnson, then they won’t be able to bring another confidence vote against him for a year under current rules, another year of the law breaking liar being allowed to run the country when we’ve no mechanism to force his removal beyond this, with all the political damage the Tories face as a result. There are two by-elections coming up this week, already they’re set to be incredibly bad for the Tories, but should they continue to express confidence in a criminal to remain as PM, things could deservedly become so much worse for them by Thursday, completely out of touch with the country as they would be. Johnson’s meeting with his Party at 4pm, following a begging letter sent out today. Will he get a stay of execution, or will he come out and call a General Election if he fears the worst? Let’s face it, nothing matters more to Johnson than himself and you have to believe there’s nothing he wouldn’t do or say to save his own skin. He’ll say he got the big calls right, but he’s never called anything right, from screwing up Brexit, to the constant lies, breaking the ministerial code, so he changed it, the arrogance of not following his own laws, the rising poverty, rising inequality, rising cost of living, increased food bank use, one of the worst global responses to the pandemic, increased authoritarian crackdowns on protest, policing powers and deportations, he has failed this country. Will Tory MP’s fail us today in ridding us of him?