Boris Johnson getting booed at St Paul's Cathedral over the Jubilee Weekend may be a defining moment. We all know by now that there’s little Boris Johnson likes better than to be greeted with booze in a party setting, but it was a very different kind of boos that greeted him At St Paul’s during what must surely be the moment of the Jubilee weekend. What a noise from that crowd! These are the people buying up bunting by the bundle, bedecking their homes and themselves in all manner of jubilee paraphernalia, these are fans of the pomp and pageantry, supporters of traditionalism and cap doffers in the face of royalty, the very people you would imagine are the epitome of your typical Conservative voter and yet see their reaction to Jonson and Carrie Antoinette showing up? Tory MP’s might well want to move on, forgive and forget, refuse to step in citing war in another country amongst other things, but unless you’re living in the same alternate reality as Nadine Dorries, there’s no mistaking the sentiment those crowds were making clear. Johnson is a busted flush and he’s taking the Tories down the tubes for the sake of his own self preservation and self interest. Luckily for Bozo, the BBC is always there to cover his arse and New Political Editor Chris Mason ably showed he’s going to pick up right where Laura Kuenssberg had left off. According to Chris the booing ‘sounded organised’. How does disorganised booing sound Chris? Did you spot any organisers? Was it Jeremy Corbyn’s fault? Why would people reasonably thought of as being from the Tory voter base be doing such a thing, or are they all rotten lefties now too? Perhaps that image of the Queen sitting alone at her husbands funeral whilst two Downing Street parties had been held the night before still stuck in their minds? Many others lost loved ones in similar circumstances that may not have been lost on them either. The Tories are facing an electoral oblivion if they don’t get shot of Johnson. They’re gifting ground to Keir Starmer who still staunchly stands for nothing except more flags and the only fans they seem to have left are the BBC, who are far too close to the Tory administration, who people are becoming more and more distrustful of and with good reason, when later coverage edited that booing out! The by elections coming up this week should be a reckoning.