Whilst Wes Streeting is grinning & posing for pictures in Israel, Shireen Abu Akleh can't even be buried in peace. It has been the dominant story this week that Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot dead in the occupied West Bank, despite having been clearly dressed as a member of the press and having announced their presence to the Israeli army. They shot at her and her team, killing her and wounding her producer. The reporting of it has either been non existent, exemplary, or typical of the reporting of any Israeli atrocity, describing the situation as clashes, trying to implicate Palestine instead, sowing seeds of doubt that an apartheid state waging war and stealing land could possibly have committed a war crime. This should be an outrage, Western media should be screaming over this and if it had been anyone but Israel, they probably would be. Just why does that nation get a free pass on its appalling, murderous conduct? Fear of being called an antisemite? It isn’t antisemitic to criticise a nation for its conduct, no nation can be put beyond reproach, yet Israel seems to succeed at doing just that. Incidentally, anyone watching and thinking of calling me one can save themselves the bother and just go and f**k themselves. Another reason for this may be Israeli influence elsewhere in the world and nowhere is that more apparent in the UK, than in the Labour Party. It is led by Keir Starmer, a man who has stated he is a Zionist without qualification. Anyone who has been suspended or expelled on trumped up accusations of antisemitism can attest to that, isn’t it notable that it is always that form of racism and not others that people seem to get purged over? But most notably has been in the aftermath of Shireen Abu Akleh’s murder, Labour Friend’s of Israel has sent Wes Streeting on an all expenses paid jolly to Israel. He has continued with this trip, there are many photo’s out on social media if you can stomach his gleefulness, he just has one of those faces doesn’t he? Streeting hasn’t put out a single tweet about Shireen, not even a retweet on the subject. Labour Friends of Israel haven’t tweeted about it either. Shireen can’t even be laid to rest in peace. Where her family were receiving condolence in a local church, the police came along and tore down Palestinian Flags. They raided the place, dragging her brother away for interrogation. There are, it has to be said, few countries that disgust me more than Israel. My disgust for them is only exceeded by those who consistently defend them and deflect their atrocities. Labour, if it had any sense at all, would disband it’s Friends of Israel, but of course they won’t.