Hey there!

Here at Kettle Korner we have an enclosed vegetable garden that is about 6 metres wide and 15 metres long. It is surrounded chicken wire 1.8 metre high and is covered in second hand hail netting. This was done to keep out the nosey wildlife, whilst pretty, are not real popular when they decide to sample our Product. There is one wallaby that turns up in our backyard almost every afternoon around 4 p.m. Today, she seems to be more interested in being in the shade of the wattle tree. (Pic one)

The garden has seven raised garden beds, about 3 metres by 1 metre. We have a potting bench, a seed raising frame and a worm farm in a bath tub! Sounds impressive right? Well we are still working on the productivity side of things… When we first moved in, we had to use a mattock and crowbar just turn dirt in the garden beds over… I wasn’t quite cement but it certain felt like it… Now after a few years of adding mulch, mushroom compost and horse poo, the dirt is starting to look like it might grow more than just cracks!

This morning on our way into town, we came across a community “free lending library” as well as some cool books to borrow; one of the local “seedsavers” had left some packets of free vegetable seeds from their crop last year.  We got some heirloom pumpkin seeds (Leatherbark pumpkin – pict two - and potkin pumpkin) and some cox cone bean seeds – pic three. We haven’t heard of either of  them so we will give them a go and report back later in the year…

We also have some Popping Corn that we saved from last year and a friend has given us a choko vine! So we will plant them too. Well that’s it for the day, I didn’t get to prepare the pumpkin bed, I guess that’s a job for first up in the morning.

Thanks for the chat, if you found this interesting, please feel free to share it with others.


Pic 1Pic Two

Pic Three