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For as long as I can remember performing and dancing have been my outlet for self expression, creating connection with myself and others.  It also ignited a passion for travel, adventure, and the desire for the flexibility to live life on my terms. Real estate became a way for me to live my life by design.

While many resist change, I love being a catalyst for change. Real estate opens the door for me to support families making a change while having the opportunity to be part of their life and history. While I'm not a fan of too much corporate structure and inauthenticity, I've managed to align myself in an environment with leaders that are about supporting building a brand authentic to me and my definition of success.

I remember being introduced to a new real estate model and knowing it would be a game changer.  I saw a way I could be ahead of schedule for what I wanted in my life and have something that would fund my passion of working with kids teaching them dance and self esteem.  I also saw a global opportunity to align with other agents in the industry teaching them how to optimize this model, growing their businesses and living their vision for the things most important to them .  The best part so far has been the ability to live life on my terms now while paying it forward to others in ways that don't exist outside this model.