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Hi 👋 I just created a page here. If you enjoy using my softwares/apps/websites and can afford it, you can support me here!

A few of the websites that I created: : a supplemental website launched by the Division of Organic Chemistry (DOC) in Sept 2020 for a collection of organic chemistry data. : an archive of the late Professor Hans Reich’s (University of Wisconsin - Madison) web collection, transferred and currently being maintained by the DOC. While I did not create the content (~ 700 HTML pages) of this collection, the original materials were converted to a mobile-friendly format to work well for users from desktops, laptop, tablets and cell phones. a web utility to estimate a solvent mixture composition that would give similar eluent strength for chromatography : a website to display a schedule of presentations in the ORGN track that were listed by date (for better viewing compared to the original ACS Spring 2021 scheduler). The content of the website was automatically extracted and updated 4 times/ day from the ACS Spring 2021 website. : Open Enventory User guides

A few of apps that I created: : Find safety data sheet (SDS) for chemicals using their CAS numbers : Python script to lookup pKa values, current database of at least 7300 values : modified version of Open Enventory, free open-source Chemical Inventory and ELN