Buy Khris Kinner a temporary escape


Ruin has come to our family. In the early morning of February 20th, 2020, my son stole his mother's vehicle, their .22 rifle, and left. He traveled a mere nine minutes down the road to a spot that he like to go fishing and spend his quiet time. He put both the vehicle and himself into the river.

This fact did not come to light for 225 agonizing days. Family and friends searched, looked into any sightings, leads, or tip that came our way. Finally on October 1st, with the assistance of Adventures with Purpose, the river that his mother had urged the local police to search since the beginning was finally scanned with sonar. There was a SUV sized vehicle found, and when they removed the license plate to verify, our hearts sank. When the police finally towed the vehicle out under the cover of night and drew a white tarp over it, our hearts broke.

Since that day, life has been numb. He was cremated and I look at that box multiple times. Every. Single. Day.

I know I'm not the only one and I want other parents who have lost to know we are still here as well and want to help each other cope. I'm a lifetime gamer and have used games or (more recently) hyper-focusing on coloring with Copic markers as a means of hiding when I'm overwhelmed. As such, I want to give a place for us to talk, support each other, and have a good time even if for only a little while.

Someone bought 3 temporary escapes.