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The Kidbrooke Ensemble have recently formed, as an opportunity to provide concerts to those who are missing music during the lockdown, as well as to give us an opportunity to play for people.

We have performed in the gardens of some friends, and have recorded our concerts.

We would love it if you would like to contribute in return for some music. We plan on performing more of these concerts in the future, but this will be made easier if we are able to gain more followers.

Tzusui bought 3 coffees.

So happy to see Christian on social media. I really enjoy listening to your music...ever since 17 years ago in Covent Garden! So glad to know you are doing great. :)

Liga Dugdale (WPO)
Liga Dugdale (WPO) bought 3 coffees.

Gorgeous playing! Thank you!

Deborah WPO
Deborah WPO bought 3 coffees.

What a treat to hear some live music!

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Anna Saprykina
Anna Saprykina bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for your beautiful music!