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Nov 05, 2022

#Freakyfriday 🛐

Oct 26, 2022

Love Is Blind

I fell in love with a blindHe doesn't say I'm pretty.~He has hands that discoverMap out every inch of meUnzip, undress, uncover.~I fell in love with a blindHe doesn't know color.~His lips, though, paint meFlush my skin a scarletPart by part taint me.~I fell in love with a blindHe doesn't know rain.~His fingers dip in deepDrag out unending streamsA hymn I recite in sleep.~I fell in love with a blindHe doesn't make love.~He has hands that discoverLips that paintFingers... more


Jul 18, 2022

A Poet❤️

#Repost, cause we both need reminders that we have at least one poet in our life.~He was the lone star that lit my skyHoney eyes carrying a galaxy within.Lips drawn of sweet sweet rosesCaressing my face, like a gentle wind.His pale skin flushed and warmA hopeless romantic of a kind.Fingers dipped in raw tendernessA poet with a dirty...dirty mind.~(Hey you, yes you, can you smile for me?... more

Jul 02, 2022

Silent in My Head

It's never silent in my headThis mind never sleeps.It wanders far far awayAs far ahead, just as deep.It's never silent in my headAs I closely pay heedEndlessly muttering thingsAlways trying to peepIt's never silent in my headWhile I pick at a leaf,It tells me how pretty it isSo much, I could weep.It's never silent in my headSuddenly I hear a beepAnd finally, it went silentI think I fell asleep.~[This is what my anxiety feels like, lol. Thank you for reading]If you read this,... more

Jun 29, 2022

The Villain Weeps Tonight

The Villain Weeps TonightSome flaring nothings flew byAnd merrily hindered his sight.His frail shadow sulked awayPromptly afraid of the bright.Lips quivering a silent trembleSkin darkening where alight.His eyes were still with terrorWaiting to win his final fight.His shoulders shuddered again butAnd old knees gave up outright.A single drop of salty weaknessAs slid down his face uninvite.A final battle so did he loseCause' dark always feared the light.His shadows have splintered awayAs the... more

Jun 28, 2022


The gentle brush of moist windCarrying a scent, a whiff of hersSweetness dribbling at tongue tipsWhen you careful heed whispers.~MistA soft light that spreads slowlyFilling voids that haunt your nightsFingers unraveling untouched skinsKisses dancing on cheeks bright.~DawnA lone companion in a starless skyHer voiceless call to hold your handWaiting outside your closed windowBathed in light of a lonely lamp.~Moon—Kiera... more

A little something ♥️
A little something ♥️
Have a blessed day, my friend.♥️
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