They loom over me like shadows

Two primal males

One seeking my heart, another my body

As I kneel over the silken sheets

One rips my garment,

Shredding it into ribbons of uselessness

Other wraps around me,

Burying me in warm embrace

One pulls me down

Jerks my legs open.

Other holds me close

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear

One hand on my chest

Gropes my breast

Another hand in my hair,

Soothing the locks

One holds my gaze

Brushing his manhood

Against my moist folds

Coating him, readying me

Another kisses my nape

Wraps me in warmth

Loving me, adoring me

And when I bow off his chest

With a cry of a carnal need,

One fucks me like he owns me

Another loves me like he knows me

I thread my fingers through one's hair

and share my breath with the other

“You’re ours,” they echo together

One growling in pleasure

Of building orgasms

Another crying in Love

Seeking consummation.