Currently, the Artificial Selection Demo only has 2 CGs. One right at the end of the prologue, and one during the breakfast scene. I realize that isn't all that much for 2-3 hours of reading, which is why I've decided I'll be drawing an additional CG! This month's question is:

Which scene from the demo should be brought to life with a CG?

Our candidates are:

  • The puzzle brainstorming session in Absen's room

  • The gang getting locked up in the cells

  • [A certain character]'s death

Already know which one you want to vote for? Great! Now about that...

One drawback of BuyMeACoffee is that it doesn't have a poll feature yet. Fortunately, I thought of a simple workaround:

↓↓ Scroll down and like the reply with your favorite option! ↓↓

The poll runs until June 8th. The winner of the poll will be included in the upcoming Version 0.4 of the demo, as well as the full game.