Since Artificial Selection has many, many different routes to explore, it's always been clear that it needed a flowchart system. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to implement that... until now!

You unlock the flowchart after reaching your first ending, and after that it will continue to grow as you play! Square nodes are for story segments, circles for escape rooms, and diamonds for important choices.

Hovering over a node will give you a brief summary, so you'll know exactly which part of the story you're jumping to.

I can also imagine that this will be useful for people who pick the game back up after not playing for a while. The goal is that you can get a full recap of the story just by going over the flowchart.

Aside from that, the minesweeper minigame has been fully completed, and... it's kind of fun!
Just reaching the lower right corner is already challenging on its own, but you can also try to reveal all the safe tiles before doing so. I won't make it necessary to beat the puzzle, but I'll definitely tie an achievement to that. :P

Due to the randomness, it's possible you'll end up with a setup that's literally impossible to beat, but the Retry button should make sure you can't get stuck. And if you don't want to play the game at all, then the puzzle solver will come to your rescue.

I'm really happy with this, because it's basically the first proper game I've coded completely from scratch! (I'm aware the looks could still be improved, but that will come later.)