There are 14 characters in Artificial Selection, and if my math isn't completely failing me, that makes for 91 possible different character dynamics. Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide shipping fodder for them all, but I definitely want to write scenes for those that make a particularly good duo!

I asked my members which those duos are, and they suggested the following:

  • Kydan / Reira

  • Reira / Maesol

  • Canori / Maesol

  • Absen / Effera

  • Maesol / Tiss

I'll be writing a bonding moment for the most popular combinations, or might even give them an important role in each other's routes. Feel free to vote for multiple ones, because there won't be just one winning pair!

↓↓ Scroll down and like the reply with your favorite option! ↓↓

Poll runs until September 8th.