Buy Felicia Fountain a bale of hay


Well, this is actually for the animals at Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center but I couldn't find a website that offers "buy them a bale of hay" so I figured I would use this space!

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy the animals a bale of hay!

All monies sent through this platform will be used to help feed the cute and fun animals at Hidden Meadow!

This is a no pressure, laid back way to tell me to keep the posts coming! It takes time to keep everyone up to date and I love showing people how awesome all of our animals are.

Someone bought 3 bale of hays.
Someone bought 20 bale of hays.

You provide a vital service to both young and older folks - giving us the opportunity to be outside, learn to ride, engage with the beautiful animals on the farm, and voluteer. I know it comes with difficulties, but keep up the great work, the spirit and know that we're behind you!

Madelyn Buchholz
Madelyn Buchholz bought 3 bale of hays.
Someone bought 5 bale of hays.
The Landry Family
The Landry Family bought 10 bale of hays.