Buy Felicia Fountain a bale of hay


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Well, this is actually for the animals at Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center but I couldn't find a website that offers "buy them a bale of hay" so I figured I would use this space!

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy the animals a bale of hay!

All monies sent through this platform will be used to help feed the cute and fun animals at Hidden Meadow!

This is a no pressure, laid back way to tell me to keep the posts coming! It takes time to keep everyone up to date and I love showing people how awesome all of our animals are.

Rob bought Felicia Fountain 5 bale of hays.

Please, reach out whenever you need help,better see them in your xare than at the killpen.  

Hi Rob! Thank you, so much, for your support! Come and see them whenever you'd like!!

Melanie bought Felicia Fountain 3 bale of hays.

Congratulations on all your new "kids"! 💗

West Coast Devil’s Garden Mustang Lover bought Felicia Fountain 5 bale of hays.

Your dedication to the animals in your care is awe inspiring, Felicia! Keep on rockin’ it🥳

Bella & Wyatt bought Felicia Fountain 5 bale of hays.

Stay out of the pond Ducky it’s not grass!😊 

Haha! Will do!