OK, I admit it. I sank into the icy couch of despair. I wallowed in the certainty that "there is no factual basis for hope" for well over a year. BUT . . . I'm BACK!

Hope is a STRATEGY! Sure, there's no rational foundation for hope. After all, we are blobs of protoplasm clinging to a rock hurtling through space around a big ball of fire call the Sun. AND . . . we can CHOOSE HOPE! We an BRING HOPE to ourselves and each other, as a CHOICE.

What's different today because I chose hope?

  • I am conscious that I create my so-called "reality" by my thoughts.

  • I take responsibility for how I impact my family, friends, colleagues and clients through my decision to chose hope over despair.

  • I choose to embrace the life I am living as my CHOICE, and not be a helpless victim.

We are on this journey together. Let's find ways to CREATE hope, possibility, and meaning, in a world that could easily distract us with pain, turmoil and suffering. I don't deny that life is challenging. I don't ignore the pain and suffering. I CHOOSE hope.

Please . . . join me.


  • Kimberly (If you need to talk, call me! I need to talk, too! +1 650 867 0847)