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Life Happened is my first adult Virtual Novel.

I want to provide players not only fap material (I guess the internet is there for that).

Instead I want to deliver a VN with a well written story, a credible plot and realistic characters facing life like emotional situations.

High quality adult content, music, sounds and animations also included.

My main goal is to create an immersive choice driven game for you all to enjoy.

Current build released: 0.2.2 on September 14,2020.

Next Build: 0.3.1 (Being cooked)

Why should you buy me a beer?

I've been working on this project for months now, spending a lot of time every day, tens of hours each week, so I can deliver you guys a bug free, story driven game with good quality pictures.
I will certainly love to be able to keep on doing that!
I have so many ideas for this game and would really like to offer something different and worth supporting, ideally being able to earn enough to make it my full time job.
In order to do just that I need your support.
I'm just one person, not a team. So if you enjoy the game please consider supporting me. That will help a lot.
I understand most of you will just play the public releases of the game and that is alright. I did that a lot in the past and still do in some cases.
But did you ever come across a game that somehow got under your skin and you just can’t get it out of your head? Then months go by and you can’t wait for another update?
It happened once and it was amazing because I really enjoyed that VN.
If Life Happened somehow feels enjoyable like I just described, then help me keep going.
If you can't, any little bit is welcome, talking about the game, promoting it, offering suggestions (correcting typos are really important to me since English is not my native language).
Thanks a lot to everyone that is supporting me, one way or another!

Latest public release

Version 0.2.2 (Proofreading done)
Win Compressed: MEGA - GDRIVE - MIXDrop
Mac Compressed: MEGA - GDRIVE - MIXDrop
Linux Compressed: MEGA - GDRIVE - MIXDrop