Hi guys!

The 0.3.1 version of the game is ready (ish). There is still some proofreading pending, but I didn't want to make you guys any longer, so bear with my English, please. Once the proofreading is complete I'll release an update.

Now, to the changelog!

- As I guess, most of you know already, this update focus on Danna's sharing route. This aims to finish the first day.

- New renders - 179

- New Sound effects: 2

- New words: Nearly 14000

Changes and fixes:

- Removed status based names for saved games;

- Now it’s possible to name your own game save as you like. It’s also possible to rename each game save's page as you like;

- Changed how the date and hour are displayed on the save slots;

- Created in game choice to skip the prologue

- Danna’s status screen revamped;

- Created Music Room. It can be accessed from the main menu and in-game menu and features the songs used in the game;

- Recoded all the game content: Sadly guys, and I’m sorry for that, it means that pre-existent saves will no longer work. This was a long time needed change in order to make it easier for me to advance with the game.

- Fixed MC’s thoughts on the pier, before meeting Feio, where the MC thought about dating Alex even if you’re not on her path;

- Fixed error where Charlie’s name was shown instead of Mrs. Charlene in the prologue.

Links for download bellow.




Please send me a message if you guys have any problem download related okay?