1st Robust health, satisfaction in financial status, receives providential help and assistance, reputation, child birth, career growth, good education, politics, grammatical and linguistic skills, long life span, stout and healthy body, optimistic and jovial nature, honest, sincere, good as banker, judge, physician, lawyer, cashier, theologian, teacher. Affliction in the natal chart causes impure blood, cancer, obesity and plephorea.


2nd Success in career, increased income, prosperity and expansion in business, eloquent in speech, liberal minded, favorable for growth of business, gains through banking, education and academics, insurance, religion etc.


3rd Sympathetic, philosophical, courteous, has many siblings, especially brothers, adopts unscrupulous methods for gaining their objective, addicted to bad things, loves indulging the opposite sex, gains through all matters related to the 3rd house and advertising and publicity stunts.


4th Leads a happy and contented domestic life, parents, success through estates and ownership, owns landed properties, buildings, cattle, vehicle and others. Mother is happy, success in academics and has a happy ending.


5th Has good children, gains through affairs, leads a pleasant life, loves amusements, interest in the arts, cinema and music, gains through speculation, socially successful, is beneficial for wholesale merchandise, wise in counseling and has a good political career.


6th Maintains good health if they are well disposed towards physical concerns, is well attended, and receives all the comforts. They gain when they are unhealthy, by gaining prospective opportunities during treatment. Achieves victory in politics. Afflictions may cause dyspeptic problems and adultery.


7th Partner or spouse is genuine and well behaved. They are magnanimous and receive better fortune and may become extremely wealthy and reputed, or gain success in agriculture, partners, litigation and business.


8th Experiences loss of property, narrow outlook, secret activities, alcoholic, easily misappropriates public money, pretends honesty and generosity, gains prosperity after marriage and legacy and handles other people’s money freely.


9th Reputation, law abiding, religious, has correct instincts, transparent thoughts, clear minded, philanthropic, beneficial for travel, optimistic, logical, brings good luck to father, good in advising and offering consultations, associated with foreigners, has many children.


10th Noble birth, influential, optimistic, sports person, has a good political life, enjoys good rapport with higher officials, enjoys financial and social success, performs meritorious deeds, possesses landed property and vehicles, leads or heads communities and villages and commands many servants.


11th Has good friends, is well placed in life, gains through others with prominent Jupiter in their natal charts, socially successful, popular, ambitious, gives birth to children, learns and masters music, possesses property and leads a lavish life.


12th Achieves gains through medicine, law and occult subjects, enjoys service in public institutions, visits asylums and hospitals. Has connections with foreigners, is not suitable for children, and experiences an enlarged spleen. Affliction in the natal chart causes scandals and evil tendencies. Has a wandering, hermit like nature, leads the pious life.