1st Ambitious, assertive, aspiring, bold, cruel, rash, wicked, has a scar or burn in the head, has pilfering habits, commands the respect of others, danger to elders, and engages in destructive and constructive wandering habits.


2nd Irritable, enhanced income, extravagant, earns and spends highly, danger to partner, gains with iron and steel, chemicals, timber, and promotion.


3rd Very bold and daring, danger to brother, increased wealth, engage in successful enterprises, achieves victory over enemies, adulterous, fond of diseases. The affliction causes suicidal thoughts.


4th Loss of wealth, bad for the health of the mother, chest aches, not safe for journeys, harmful for parents, disputes in family life, is brutal and indecent in treating women, experiences losses through burglary and litigation issues in the property.


5th Experiences surgical aid during delivery, good in sports, muscle building and exercises, rash, attractive to the opposite sex, overindulgent, first child may have unsafe issues during birth. The affliction causes loss in speculative ventures, dispute with children, and displeasure from government, scandal, criminal activities.


6th Affluent landed property, experiences methods of success as well as triumph over enemies. Experiences success in efforts relating to politics and political endeavors. The native is successful in efforts of diplomacy. Affliction in the natal chart causes high activity, carelessness, and unhealthy relatives, especially uncles. Other effects of affliction may be caused such as inflammation, carelessness, injury to health, and losses are encountered especially when it comes to poultry and animals.


7th Wife is unhealthy; the native encounters piles, they have many brothers, are intelligent, has disputes with women, experiences long journeys and makes not so good friends as they are more prone towards evil.


8th These natives have a flawed vision, and a short life span. They are also fond of dancing girls and may lose their partner, which is harmful to their father or father figures. They experience misery, misery, and unhappiness. Their partners are often extravagant and affliction causes theft and loss by fire.


9th Experiences losses in agriculture have a short-tempered father, is of a sickly bearing, and encounters gains through international trade, increase in prestige and power, and exports. The affliction causes fanaticism, skepticism, disrespect for philosophy, and religious teachings. Natives are self-made and enterprising.


10th Impulsive, reasonable, independent, intelligent, courteous, and courageous. They are gainful through promotions in the occupational sphere and business ventures. They are inclined towards sales and carry an industrial pursuit. The natives are successful in heading a town or colony and are likely to gain through agriculture and often own an estate.


11th Gains through agriculture, increase in income, prosperity, and promotion, popularity, and progression, brothers are well informed, self-made individuals and have a few trustworthy friends.


12th These natives are likely to experience danger and injury if there are afflictions in their natal chart. Moreover, they are also likely to encounter treachery and scandal through visits to the jail and are liable to be imprisoned, cheated, lose a partner and experience poor vision and difficulties.