1st Weak constitution, micturition, dyspepsia, hearing difficulties, has lots of siblings, healthy imagination, unsteady, successful in business, leads a happy domestic life, and has good dreams. Affliction causes mental illness, liquid and water based problems.


2nd Increase in income, profits, leads happy sexual life, handsome, versatile, causes a break in educational life, intelligent, respected, has good speech, gains through women.


3rd Popular, has many sisters, enjoys good health, receives good education, alert mind and is fond of journeys, changes and social life. Affliction causes dyspepsia.


4th Gains through parents and inheritance, leads a contented domestic life, popular, changes residence, over indulges, gains from wet land investments, owns vehicles, buildings etc. Affliction causes difficulties, disappointment, theft, estrangement, fraud, complex situations, and loss of parents.


5th Finds pleasure attractive, enjoys the company of kids, has a speculative nature, likes music and arts, swimming pool, has a good looking wife, many daughters, affects education, good in advising and decision making, affection susceptible to change, unsteady.


6th Weak health wise, susceptible to infectious diseases, idle, henpecked, dysentery, gas problems, diarrhea, loses money, experiences pressurization from bank, has misunderstandings with mother, loves widows, alters jobs, pilfering nature, treachery and experiences losses from pets and poultry.


7th Partner fond of travel and change, unsteady, engages in public service, has early marriage, has two wives, loves widows, narrow minded, short trips and honeymoon.


8th Is dangerous for mother and mother figures, ill health, lack of comfort, loss through women, venereal diseases through them, profitable in transactions, receives debts. Affliction causes defective stature, vision and short life span.


9th Meritorious deeds, attempts are successful; is intelligent and popular, constructs charitable institutions and temples, has lands, jewelry, wealthy, makes long journeys, lives on foreign shores, romantic and imaginative, and has psychic encounters.


10th Enjoys public life, changes business or profession, is unstable, gains popularity, inheritance, makes trips, loves widows, charity, long life span, respects elders.


11th Have lots of trustworthy and reliable friends, few permanent friends, gains through sociability, politics, ambitious, kids are lucky, is well informed, and gains through agriculture, principled.


12th Fond of the occult, is romantic and has indiscreet affairs, experiences losses, gains through hospitals, or self serving positions, makes voyages, enjoys bad reputation, loses money, has a mean behavior, and may have a defective organ.