1st Reliable, affectionate, warm, sociable, emotional, is fond of the arts, music, loves pleasure, and is fortunate and fruitful. They are successful as poets and mathematicians and please their partner physically. Afflictions in the natal chart cause problems in the ovaries or kidney region, diabetes, cheek problems. They are likely to accumulate wealth, and purchase costly dress materials, jewelry etc.


2nd Enjoys favor and fortune from ladies, artists, higher officials , etc. they are socially successful and gain through marriage, run hotels, purchase jewelry, and are fond of luxury, adornment, and experience rise in wealth. They lead a contented married life, with a charming wife. They are even inclined towards music.


3rd Prosperous brothers and siblings, love art and painting, enjoys favorable relatives and neighbors, saves money, has a good health. Affliction in the natal chart causes makes them unhappy, impoverished, unpopular, economical, and dissatisfied with spouse.


4th Leads a happy married life, is preferred of their native place, obtains easy inheritance, owns property, gluttonous, fortunate, has a beautiful mother, owns cattle and milk and dairy products. They own cars and estates and are engaged in services in the transport sector, and educational institutions.


5th Birth of beautiful children, usually daughters, talented in music, experiences gains through speculation, love affairs, investment, summer resorts, music and more. A good advisor and administrator and is dangerous for their mother.


6th Careful of being healthy, avoids excessive counts of anything, does not have problems during childbirth, gains through maternity, nursing, poultry, pet animals and more. Experiences skin problems, kidney trouble in case there is an affliction in the natal chart. Problematic areas of health are the kidneys, ovary, skin diseases etc. The natives are also fond of women.


7th Socially and financially successful, are good as partners, successful in business ventures, satisfactory public relations, can manage adultery tactfully, fond of other women, and thinks of sexual gratification more than the average person. They are happy in marital life, enjoy pleasant trips and are extravagant as spenders.


8th Rise in income, ill health for the mother figure, successful in business ventures, attains wealth through partner, God fearing individuals who gain profit through inheritance and legacy, fuels, insurance, deals in wood, timer and other areas of the forest, closet bathroom equipment etc.


9th Sympathetic, obligatory, higher education, successful individuals especially in music, arts, long journeys, foreign lands, marriage outside caste, reputation, head of infantry, may fall in love with teacher’s daughter, honor and esteem.


10th Pleasant manners, popular, successful with members of the opposite sex, gains through music, elders, success in domestic life, speculation, ornamentation, few elder sisters, litigation.


11th Rich, luxurious, learned, owns landed property, gains through agriculture, uses good vehicles, good friend, socially successful, prosperity from marriage.


12th Romantic, secret arts, charity, sexual satisfaction, have immoral tendencies, make pleasant promises and have an unworthy performance.