No Matter who you are, where you are, where you are from or what you do – no doubt is that you would be able to read, or learning to, or want to.

 Reading helps us in many ways from learning, gaining knowledge, expanding our imagination + more.

I love learning and expanding my knowledge so it comes as no surprise that I do love reading,  4ish years ago I found a love for personal development books and I have read many since then, I have always had a soft spot for recipe books and flick through them always when I see a new one I have never seen to get some great inspiration recipes that I want to try – my most favourite are those recipe books with images so you can drool over how good the food is haha.

I use Book Depository for all my book orders, this is because Book Depository books are discounted and  have free world wide shipping – I have not yet found any other book site that does that and has great customer service aswell as sending you bookmarks with each of your books and a wine voucher for discount off wine (see they know me too well already – who doesn’t enjoy a wine whilst getting lost in a good book).

The thing I also love about books, even though they are a material item – is that you don’t need an electronic to play them like you would an audiobook etc ( dont get me wrong because I do love audiobooks), you can take them anywhere – on a plane, to the beach, to a park etc and once you are done – you can either keep them to read for later or  pass them onto someone else to get some use. Personally I like to pass my books onto others to gain knowledge from and with this I either pass onto friends and ask them to pay it forward and pass on when they are done or If I am travelling I leave the book in a hostel book shelves book exchange and find a book I like to read too.

A few of my favourite books are..

** Please note – I am an affiliate for Book Depository, which means that each time you click my link if you make a purchase then i will earn a small commission from the sale. I only recommend products and services that i use personally and would not recommend something that i wouldnt use myself regularly.

Take care,

Amy ( Kiwiastray)